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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Saturday 16th September 2017

Saturday 16th September 2017

Only three on Saturday - Bill Dobson, Peter Ellis, and Ian Pearson. No mice, but Bill brought two new traps, which are easier to set and some gourmet chocolate and peanut butter spread to tempt them. This spread is in a jar in the fridge marked for" Mice only".

After the usual cup of tea and coffee, Peter and Ian filled up the barrow with tools and lamps to take down to the running shed (its a long walk back when you have forgotten something). They concentrated on the pistons, removing carbon from the cylinder ports, piston head and part of the piston rod. These are now clean. Bill removed the piston rings and found that the R/H front ring had some slight damage with a few small pieces missing from the leading edge. Bill also cleaned up the L/H and remaining R/H piston packing components .

Peter and Ian had lunch in Deviation Tea Room, while Bill went down to the Station Café . After lunch, Bill did an assessment on the brake gear with Andy Lowes drawing and measurements and established that it requires some new pins. Peter and Ian continued cleaning carbon from the pistons. Quite a lot of heavy showers on Saturday, with lots of visitors from far and wide getting a little shelter at the end of the shed and asking Peter and Ian lots of questions about what they were doing and who owns the engines! Also quite a lot of JV's working at the shed and on Dame Vera but not with us.