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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Saturday 23rd September 2017

Saturday 23rd September 2017

Bigger turnout today with Bill Dobson, Trevor Wilford, Peter Ellis, Ian Pearson and Alan Hardie.

Trevor had brought some plate to repair the beam between the roller door and the main door which is badly wasted. After getting the plates ready for welding, the surrounding area of the beam was needle gunned. Trevor is going to complete the job on Wednesday . Peter had intended doing some copper pipe work but was not feeling too well so he did a bit of PR work as we had quite a lot of visitors round Deviation Shed. Bill and Ian put the piston rings back on, and pushed the pistons back into the cylinder leaving the R/H leading ring off. Alan took the steam brake link from the locomotive up to Deviation Shed, cleaned it up, and it is stored under the seat with a lot of other items . Four of us had Lunch at Deviation Shed canteen, while Alan went down to the Station café . After lunch Bill got chance to look at some of the outstanding small, but important, jobs.The leaking oil pot on the R/H side middle tender wheel was topped up with oil and after a short time it was found to be leaking oil from behind the axle box: this is a job to sort out on Wednesday. Alan set about dismantling the R/H tender water valve, but was unable to get the nut off the end of the carrot valve. This is also to be continued on Wednesday with some heat possibly being needed. Peter and Trevor left for home about 2.30pm due to Peter not feeling well.

Ian took off the R/H oil feed valve which had leaked steam oil down the side of the cylinder and soaked the cylinder lagging. This lagging has been thrown out. A new copper washer has been obtained and annealed so the valve could be refitted but it would not line up with the oil feed pipe, so yet another job to continue on Wednesday. Some time was taken checking and sheeting the axle boxes of which six have now been fitted with only the drivers to do: the last one is on the lathe.

Derek Shorten called in to see us for a cup of tea: he was looking well after his operation.

Another working party on Wednesday, so hopefully another large turnout to continue with the work held over from today, as well as that identified on Bill's project plan. See you there?