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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Saturday 30th September 2017

Saturday 30th September 2017

The second day of the NYMR steam gala (which was heavily publicised in yesterday's Yorkshire Post), a bright and sunny day with an odd shower late afternoon, and a great turnout at Deviation Shed with Bryan Orange and the JV's, Joan and Andy Lowes. Bill Dobson, Peter Ellis, Ian Pearson, Trevor Wilford, Les Harper, Nigel Hall, Chris Henshaw for a hour before his rostered duty on the Railway, and, after lunch, following the cleaners Safety Course, a new member whose membership form is about to be sent off, Miss Rachelle Martyn from York. Also lots of visitors taking photos of trains passing the shed single headed, double headed, top and tailed, Goods trains - what a selection! Later, "Lucie", Paul Middleton's new acquisition from the Middleton Railway, was shunted from No 1 road onto No 5 road for display.

So a big demand for initial tea and biscuits, but afterwards Les and Ian set off to the Running Shed. Les set about sorting out the R/H loco water valve which was stripped down and cleaned, after removal of the wooden seat, to see if the operating shaft bracket could be moved but it was found to have a slight bend in it. So it was decided to leave it alone and the valve and seat were reassembled. Lunch was had in Deviation Shed. Afterwards Les then started on the removal of the steam brake piston with which we had had such trouble previously. Clearly reinvigoarated by his return to Grosmont, by the end of the day he had removed the piston with only a little help from Ian and Bill. Peter cleaned up the L/H tender water valve left in the workshop from Wednesday and Andy refitted it, but the operating linkage is still seized and needs more attention. Trevor ground some metal off the door stanchion which was causing the door to stick and Nigel painted the newly welded parts. Bill borrowed Bob Fussey's vacuum cleaner with which one of the JV's cleaned the header of all small particles. Ian removed split pins and loosened the nuts on the bottom R/H slide bar to enable the shims to be removed. These were cleaned and measured by Andy which Bill has logged . A start was made on the R/H side with the rear nut slackened off . Andy was also supervising some of the JV's with Ethan drilling holes in some angle iron which Bryan had obtained to fix to the pit wall to protect the sockets. That job was completed and, with Bryan's assistance all the brackets fitted in place. That means the work to provide light and power to the pit is now finished. Grateful thanks to all involved, but particularly Bryan and the JVs, along with Gordon Wells, for their work over the year to complete the installation - must just remember it is now working so no need to lug extension leads and lights all over the place as I did last Wednesday!

Rachelle came over to Ian after lunch and asked if he could find some work for her, so he got the main compressor turned on, set up an airline with the needle gun and she cleaned the channel round the smokebox which holds the door seal.

Some of the JV's assisted Ian Foot with his Vera Lynn working party. Joan Lowes and Tom Noble manned a small sales stall selling books, cards, mugs, and pens and took £160 including a £40 donation to the Q6 fund. Many thanks to them for their efforts.