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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Sarurday 7th October 2017

Sarurday 7th October 2017

On arrival at the shed at 09 15 on Saturday, Ian thought he was on his own but then Rachelle Martyn appeared, so it was a two person working party for a while. Ian got the key for the wheel drop shed and opened that up, then back to Deviation Shed where Rachelle went and got some water for the usual cuppa. (My apologies to the previous Saturday team for my comments in that report about the water collection arrangements: I had misunderstood a conversation with Ian and that the policy is now to collect fresh water at the start of each day). While having tea, Ian switched on the pump to clear the water from the pit but the pump would not work. At this Ian decided to leave it alone so as to get on with some of the jobs on Bill's list, as Bill would not be in until lunch time. Later on during the day however, Ian noticed the circuit breaker marked "Light row 6" had tripped: this was switched on and the pump started to work.

Rachelle and Ian loaded the barrow up with steam brake piston and cover, and at this point Nigel arrived to continue prepping and painting the piston front covers. The cladding sheets have now been undercoated and the front covers prepared and primed. The brake piston and cover were taken to the locomotive at the wheel drops where it was successfully fitted along with the steam brake lever linkage. While this was being done, six of the shed cleaners came to offer their services so Ian had to find some work for them. Four of them greased the tender under the leadership of Chris Henwood, while Charge cleaner Mat Anderson and cleaner Thomas Dibbs set about removing split pins from the L/H bottom slide bar. These were very difficult to remove but the lads eventually got them out. They then started to try and remove the nuts but they proved to be too tight . At lunch time the cleaners left as their shift was finished , but Chris stopped back to help out with some other work. Lunch was had in Deviation Shed. Paul Hutchinson arrived with some buckets which were used to convey cement to repair the K1's brick arch at Fort William, and also some odds and ends of gasket material stored upstairs.

After lunch Chris had a go at trying to remove the L/H slide bar bottom nuts but he could not get them to move either, so Bill gave him the job of cleaning the header ready for NDT testing. Rachelle and Ian had a go at removing the left hand slide bar nuts and managed to slacken the R/H one but the L/H one is still to remove. The spanner starts to pull off the nut, and you cannot get a ring spanner on.

Neal Woods called in for a chat as he was driving the B1 on the LNERCA special. Another cuppa at 15 30 then it was washing up time and clearing up tools, with a good day had by all.