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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Wednesday 11th October 2017

Wednesday 11th October 2017

A grey , grimy ,rainy day at Grosmont today but very mild. Bill Dobson, Nigel Hall, Ian Pearson and myself were present. We managed the usual brew up about 10am then sorted out the jobs for the day.

Down at the repaired and now working wheel drops, Sean Bowler and his mate John Day were hard at work fitting the spring hanger adjusters and the last two springs to the Q6 . On occasions Bill, Ian and myself were employed with Sean and John, assisting them with the movement of the locomotive and final lining up of the springs while pins were fitted.

The Q6 is now ready for movement to Deviation Shed which will hopefully be achieved before the end of the week. It will go back at the workshop end of Road 7, with the tender behind, so we have the space required to get the tubes in.

I was put in charge of stripping and cleaning the safety valves. Both have been stripped down and the front one has been thoroughly cleaned using the sand blaster. It is back on the workshop bench with the rear one ready for sand blasting. Ian and Bill set about removing the Q6 fall plate which has a broken hinge on the R/H side. All the bolts were removed bar one which sheared - another drill out job for someone. The fall plate was loaded into Nigel's van for transport to Hopetown for repair. Nigel has glossed the two front cylinder covers.

Just before the end of the day, Bill and Ian thought it was possible to remove the regulator rod due to the fact that it needs to be NDT'd. The

350 Shunter had brought the S15 Frames up behind the Q6 so its frames we could be used to stand on, as it was cab to cab, and pull out the regulator. It came out so far then caught on something. Danny Middleton, the shed fitter, got inside the boiler and discovered the regulator was caught on a bracket which needs to be removed. It will probably need some heat: Bill will see the boilersmith later this week.

As it is the War Weekend this Saturday (14th) there will be no working party, but work will resume as usual on Wednesday 18th.