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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Saturday 4th November 2017

Saturday 4th November 2017

Ian reports another dull and dismal morning at Grosmont, but what a change after lunch, with lovely warm sunshine. Peter Ellis, Trevor Wilford, Rachelle Martyn and Ian were present, but before the usual first cuppa, Ian had to dispose of another mouse's corpse caught again in one of Bill's traps. Strangely, they seem to eat all the chocolate first then bang, dead!

After tea Rachelle set about cleaning both ends of the regulator rod which is now ready to be NDT'd. She then ran the die nut down the right hand valve cover studs. Trevor got stuck into the fall plate and stud removal. Ian borrowed the Mag Drills from the MPD for Trevor to drill out the remainder of stud metal, but there is still a small amount to remove. Trevor has suggested that we tap out a 7/8"hole, then a 7/8"

stud be fitted reduced to 5/8"above the 7/8", and then a 5/8"nut attached. Still some more welding and dressing to do on the fall plate which he will continue with next Saturday. Ian and Peter worked on fitting the outside left and right hand cylinder cocks. It took some time to get them lined up tightly and some copper washers were obtained from the shed stores to get the correct alignment.

Lunch was had in Deviation Shed with an M&S Black Currant Fool Cake provided by Rachelle - only the best for the Q6 team!

Later, Ian and Peter fitted the cylinder cock linkage cross shaft, but it is just loosely fitted at the moment and will be to complete on Wednesday. There are two right angled brackets with a twist formed in them tied onto the shaft. We are not sure where they go: does anybody know?

Working party as usual next Wednesday, although cake cannot be guaranteed at this stage