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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Wednesday 8th November 2017

Wednesday 8th November 2017

A cold but bright and sunny day at Grosmont, with Bill Dobson, Steve Hyman, Ian Pearson and myself.

Another mouse in the trap for Ian to remove - it seems it was not even able to benefit from the Nutella before it met its end.

Following the usual cuppa, work started with Steve and myself given the job of removing the spacer on the right hand tender rear wheel spring, so it was down to the MPD to borrow a couple of jacks. After jacking up the tender at the rear, the spacer was removed, checked by Bill, found to be OK and so refitted. But unfortunately, as the tender was being lowered, it slipped slightly sideways to the left, leaving the rear left hand flange of the wheel sitting on top of the rail with the right hand side just on the rail. Back down to the MPD for the lifting beam and two more jacks from the MPD, but when Barney Casey and Nick Simpson (MPD Foreman) had a look at the tender it was decided to use the re-railing equipment from the breakdown coach on 7 road just outside Deviation Shed. This was set up after lunch with our help and the tender moved back on the rail in the correct position, then all the equipment was returned to the breakdown coach. Many thanks to Barney and Nick for their efforts on our behalf which were greatly appreciated.

In the meantime, Ian continued to fit the rest of the cylinder cock linkage, along with the two brackets with a twist which were identified as brackets for the front sand pipes. The cylinder cock linkage is now connected to the operating handle in the cab and is working OK. Bill started fitting the front and rear sand pipes. The front ones proved a bit of a challenge because of the thickness of the new tyres, but all are now in position although they will need some further adjustments and brackets fitting. All items removed from upstairs and fitted have been updated on the record sheet.

Bill took a stud down to Owain to make a new stud 7/8 x 5/8 for the fall plate. Later on in the afternoon Ian and I took a barrow into the back field just across from Deviation Shed to recover the new casting of what we were told was the K1's spare Petticoat / blower, but has subsequently been identified as the ejector exhaust ring, which had been there for some time. It is now stored in Deviation Shed by the electricity cage. I also collected from Steve Andrews the J27 steam brake diagram gland that Paul requires to enable the steam brake valve to be completed and returned to Hopetown.

Lunch was had in Deviation Shed again and surprisingly we did have a few visitors looking round, including one lady who was keen to become a working member and another visitor who dropped some money in the donation box. Elsewhere, Bill had a number of conversations with Piglet and Sue Smeaton about the outstanding invoices due from the NYMR for Q6 work. As a result, he seems to have got things sorted out and invoices should finally be issued in the next few weeks. Problems have also been found with the new cylinder block for No 29 such that it is being returned to the pattern maker/foundry for replacement. That might significantly delay its return to traffic. 44806 was being prepared for the Santas which will be it last operation before withdrawal on 1 January 2018 for its next 10 year overhaul.