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Work starts to Level the Boiler


Matthew Storey surveys his handiwork - Terry Newman

Updated 11-11-2017. The boiler is being raised at the front to level its position on the rear sliders and to level the tube plate on the new cylinder casting ledge.

The work is being undertaken by Mathew Storey

The boiler was raised with jacks until the boiler was sat in the best position on the rear slides. Measurements were then taken to allow a the new piece of tubeplate to be formed which will be welded into position to make a good fit on the cylinder block. This should be completed on Saturday and should enable a lot of assembly work on the boiler to begin.

A view of the tubeplate to saddle joint on LHS of locomotive. The intended cut line is marked in yellow - Terry Newman

Close up view of the gap between tubeplate and cylinder casting shelf on RHS of locomotive - Terry Newman

View of tubeplate and cylinder block casting shelf on RHS of locomotive - Terry Newman

View from the smokebox side showing the bend in the tubeplate near frames - Terry Newman

Matthew Storey and Harry Sams insert lifting beam under the boiler - Terry Newman

View from under the boiler of the lifting beam in place - Terry Newman

The bottom of the tube plate removed. Pinocchio about to guillotine his nose - Terry Newman

Matthew Storey dressing the tube plate for welding - Terry Newman

On Saturday 11th November the new bottom section of the tube plate was bolted into position on the cylinder block casting shelf and then welded to the rest of the tube plate.

The new tube plate section in place viewed from the smokebox side - Richard Pearson

The new tube plate section viewed from the boiler side - Richard Pearson

The two sections of tube plate are welded together - Richard Pearson

Last Updated on Thursday, 07 December 2017 22:12