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Leaving a Legacy



Have you ever considered leaving a legacy in your will to NELPG?

Normally this is in the form of cash but can also be a railway artefact such as a nameplate, worksplate or shedplate etc. The group will be aware of the market value and can maximise the contribution to the restoration of our locomotives.

A Legacy is a great way to ensure that your hard earned assets continue to support the group and allow future generations to enjoy the sight and sound of our engines. 

If you already have a will it is simple and quick to add an additional provision called a ‘codicil’ that can benefit the group. For a new will, the solicitor will advise on the correct wording.

Thank you in anticipation of your support. 

Suitable wording for inclusion in your will

The sample wording that follows is suitable for including in your will where you wish to leave a legacy. However, you are advised that you should speak to a solicitor as there are important formalities that have to be complied with to ensure that a will is valid. 

Leaving a legacy to NELPG 

‘I give to North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group the sum of (amount) or (artefact description) with freedom to spend it as income and declare that the receipt in writing of the treasurer or other proper officer of that association shall be a good discharge to my executors.’

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