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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Saturday 25th November 2017

Saturday 25th November 2017

Ian reports a very different day for him on Saturday. It was extremely cold with a wide spread frost but very bright and fresh. Not the best day to have a central heating fault at home first thing in the morning. Having got hold of the heating engineer, he could not do anything until after 11am. So Ian went to Grosmont, where the car park was quite slippery, and opened up Deviation Shed to find Trevor Wilford, Peter Ellis, Dave Donegan and Rachelle Martyn ready for action.

After checking the mouse situation, which was nil (too cold for them this week?) Ian put the kettle on, gave them Bill's job list, and then went home to meet the heating engineer. Ian returned to Grosmont later in the afternoon, where it had gone a bit overcast, to find the fall plate fitted using Owain's stud, and all the brake hangers and tables fitted. That was a great collective effort by all four of them - they deserved a medal for getting that heavy brake gear lifted and pinned into position. All Ian did was find a couple of split pins for the hanger pins, and make afternoon tea accompanied by some of Rachelle's birthday cake. Trevor told Ian that Ian Storey came and had a look in the firebox at the tube plate. Ian Storey has now sent a critical report on his findings to Bill Dobson.

There was also a visit from a family of five from Thornton-le-Clay late on in the afternoon, who were keen to know the workings of a steam locomotive. After trying to explain how the locomotive works and giving them one of our membership forms, they put a few pounds in the money box (every little helps).