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Home Locomotives K1 62005 K1 Blog Saturday 25th November 2017

Saturday 25th November 2017


Six of us went to Carnforth and had a satisfactory day working on the K1 yesterday.

There was an inch or two of snow over the Pennies but nothing to slow our progress on the A66 or K1 (the A66 is a road by the way - not a very advanced LNER pacific).

We managed to split both crossheads (the RH proving to be stubborn as usual but it decided to cooperate in the end) remove both cylinder covers, extract both pistons, finish cleaning the piston valves, remove the OTMR recorder (which will now be sent away for repair) disconnect the TPWS, remove the cab seats (so that they can be reupholstered) and prepare the gauge frames for inspection.

For anyone who may be changing any gauge frame packings in the future we noted during the gauge frame prep that the batch of PTFE gauge frame packings we are currently using are too long and partially block the passage through the cock when it is open. There maybe some of these packings at Grosmont and/or Hopetown so be very careful if you are fitting any of them. If any have already been fitted it will certainly be worth checking that they are OK.

There will be another working party on the K1 next Saturday when we aim to remove the back valve covers, de-carbon the valve liners/steam chest and start preparing the top of the cab for removal (this is necessary because we need to seal weld the manifold boss and this can not be done with the top of the cab, or the manifold in place). During the course of this week West Coast should start replacing the ashpan's centre hopper.