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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Wednesday 13th December 2017

Wednesday 13th December 2017

A cold damp miserable morning to start with at Grosmont, but it did brighten up later on before pouring with rain at lunch time. That dried up and the sun shone for the rest of the day but it was still very cold. There were four engines in steam throughout the day so it all added to the atmospherics. No mice to report. Nigel Hall, Roy Marshall, Jon Bradley and Ian Pearson were present. Bill Dobson popped in for a brief spell early on and, because of pressing family matters, I was only able to call in for a cup of tea and lunch, which was held in the workshop today - too cold in the shed and the A4 cabin was full.

Nigel was on needle gun duties, but, unfortunately, none of our needle guns would work. So Ian took one of them to bits, cleaned it, put it back together, but it still would not work. Nigel had started to strip another gun when Mark O' Brien came into the workshop looking for an adapter for a drill, and he took over stripping down the needle gun. He managed to repair it but it did take some time, so many thanks to Mark for his help. During the morning, Bill Putnam from the Ryedale Society of Model Engineers arrived to collect the 50 Q6 tubes that had been put on one side for them. Unfortunately he had underestimated their length and they would not fit on his trailer, so he will be back later to try again.

After lunch, Nigel needle gunned inside the smokebox and used Henry the vacuum cleaner to clear the rust and scale. Jon and Roy fitted the front guard irons. Roy also secured the right piston packing cover. Jon and Ian then started to fit the front part of the vacuum pipe. This they did, but, for some reason, the union, when screwed onto the vacuum main pipe which runs between the cylinder casting, looked to be very slightly at an oblique angle. As it was getting near home time it was unscrewed and left to have another go on Saturday.

There will be a working party on Saturday and another on Wednesday 20th, but after that we will have a break until Wednesday 3 January 2018 when we will return to work, suitably refreshed and re-invigorated. But please don't bring any more biscuits, cake, or mince pies. We have lots, and also a tub of Quality Street kindly given by Joan and Andy last week, so there is plenty to munch on.