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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Saturday 16th December 2017

Saturday 16th December 2017

Ian reports a very cold bright crisp day at Grosmont yesterday, with 3 Steam and 1 Diesel locomotives working Santa Specials and Dining trains, and Peter Ellis, Trevor Wilford, Dave Donegan, JV Ethan Humble and Ian himself.

One mouse in the trap again which Ethan disposed of, then the usual brew of tea with mince pies. Peter took Ethan under his wing, showing him the skills of bending and fitting new small copper pipes. These are attached to the brass oil boxes and a flexi pipe and adaptor then screwed into the top of the axle box to allow oil to be fed to the journals. This was done to the right hand driver. This completed the pipe work on the axle boxes. Dave refitted the vacuum pipe and bracket - not cross threaded this time! It was decided not to fit the front steam heat pipe because it will obstruct the fitting of the left hand valve cover at a later date.

Trevor fitted the refurbished right hand bracket to the fall plate, then the tender was moved up to the locomotive to see how the fall plate laid on it. The left side was looking a bit out of line, and that bracket was in rather poor condition although not broken. It was decided to take the left side bracket off and Trevor will refurbish it at Hopetown next week. The fall plate was then removed from the cab and stored on the bench opposite the loco. The regulator rod has been moved to behind the seat and put on a stand to allow access for the fitting of another regulator handle when Piglet get us one from his stockpile! The Velocipede was moved onto No 7 Road to allow space for delivery of the small tubes which are expected this week.

Gordon Wells asked for another 5 tubes which Dave cut to size and stored with the others outside. These are for a job at Pickering moving a coach body. The old K1 regulator rod was removed to our scrap heap outside Deviation Shed.

Lunch was held in the A4 cabin, a much warmer venue.

Ethan made our final cuppa in the afternoon, with which consumption of a few more mince pies was managed.

Next working party will be on Wednesday 20th December, then a special one on the following Thursday 28th December to help get rid of all that turkey and Christmas pud. The Railway will be running Santa Specials on the 20th, and its winter timetable on the 28th, along with the diner, so watch out for car parking, but plenty of trains to watch.