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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Saturday 6th January2018

Saturday 6th January2018

A year of winter maintenance!

Saturday was a cold dull morning with two working parties in Deviation Shed. Paul Middleton, with his team of David McEwan, Matt Fisher, Beth Kennerley and, all the way from the Netherlands, Ben Heerink, were working on Paul's Cockerill Tram loco Lucie, No 1625. Our working party was formed ofTrevor Wilford, Peter Ellis, Bill Dobson, Ian and later, Nigel Hall who brought the J72 steam brake valve for overhaul, to be collected by Steve Andrews. No mice on Saturday, the traps were forlorn, not a common sight but we don't know the reason why - perhaps Steve Hymans blocking of the hole in the North wall has done the trick?

Cups of tea first thing to warm everyone up and some chit chat and job planning before work commenced with Trevor setting up the oxy bottle equipment, then cutting some safety valve blanks to size. One smaller blank for the whistle requires the holes drilling out larger to fit the studs and this is a job to be attempted on Wednesday. Peter was busy making shims for the right hand side slide bar alignment, while Ian fitted the right hand side little end oil pot to the crosshead . Bill spent most of the day jacking and measuring up the right hand slide bar tolerance, fitting shims trying to get the alignment right, with Ian assisting . This work is taking some time but hopefully it will be completed on Wednesday.

Lunch was had in the SNG A4 cabin which was warm and quite cosy. Although the sun had come out, it was too cold in Deviation Shed to have the lunch break there. After lunch, Trevor and Peter, with Nigel's assistance, removed the drawbar from the tender for NDT inspection. This job took all afternoon as there is a metal plate on the tender floor which proved very stubborn to remove. The big nut under the tender required slackening, then the shovelling plate had to be removed. Eventually the drawbar was removed and put on the bench at the back of No 8 road ready for cleaning and NDT particle testing. As I have legged it to Oz for a few weeks (where it is pouring with rain but still in the upper 20s and the air conditioning is on!), Ian is going to see if he can be trained on NDT inspection.

Bill and Nigel moved the Velocipede in front of 80135 to give more room for the small tube delivery, which should have been last Friday but was now expected to be delivered yesterday or today. Afternoon tea break was shared with Paul and his team, giving Nigel a large amount of washing up. In addition, many thanks to Norman Crockit for the loan of his paraffin stove which Trevor delivered on Saturday. Hopefully that will keep those not Down Under, nice and warm.