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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Wednesday 17th January 2018

Wednesday 17th January 2018

Four of us on this sunny cold morning with a wind chill from the North, roller door kept shut most of the day. With Bill Dobson, Ian McCall, Roy Marshall and Ian Pearson which was just as well as I had only brought 4 Raspberry Doughnuts to share at lunch time. After the usual cuppa and no Mice to remove, Ian M and Ian P brought the 2 "60T " jacks and handles from the breakdown coach.

These were set up at the front of the Loco on the beam and the engine then jacked up to allow us to rotate the wheel slightly and line up the left hand front coupling rod with the intermediate rod so as to fit the gradient pin. The pin was fitted successfully taper pin fitted new cotter made and fitted and secured with a split pin. Also a new cotter was made for the for the front part of the rear rod taper pin which was fitted and secured with a split pin. The left hand side only requires the intermediate and trailing end caps fitting tightening up and pinning.

Bill was busy organising various jobs at the MPD with Barney, also assisting Ian M and Ian P with the side rods and supervising Roy who was in the firebox working on the ferrules all day. While the loco was jacked up all the metal packing was removed from the top and bottom of the axle boxes,unfortunately we had to move the beam and Jacks to the rear of the engine and jack it up to remove the rear packing. Both jacks and handles were returned to the breakdown coach and put in the cage and locked up and keys returned to the MPD office. Owain came up in the afternoon to measure the 2 right hand side bushes which require re-metaling these were taken down to the MPD and should be ready for fitting next Wednesday. Lunch was had in the workshop today much warmer with Raspberry Doughnuts for sweet.

NDT inspection still to do on draw bar gear. Bill still looking for a stove on Ebay.