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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Saturday 20th January 2018

Saturday 20th January 2018

Ian reports another cold grey morning at Grosmont yesterday with Trevor Wilford, Peter Ellis and Ian himself. Bill Dobson called in for half an hour to supervise some work and Bryan Orange was present with the Junior Volunteers who were split between Dame Vera Lynn, the MPD and the Q6. I will say nothing about the 30C temperature and cloudless blue skies that I am having to suffer at the moment!

Cups of tea all round before work started with 2 JV's cleaning the eccentric sheaves which had accumulated quite a bit of rust due to the foundation ring being washed out a few weeks ago. These are now clean and have been oiled. Trevor and Peter brought up 6 x No.2 brake blocks from the MPD of which 4 have been fitted. The blocks had to be filed where the pin hole is situated due to a metal rag which had to be removed to allow the block to slide in position. One of the JV's was employed removing this material. Three blocks were fitted to the right hand side and one to the left hand side, but before this latter one could be fitted, the loco had to be moved forward slightly so as to locate the pin through the block as the side rod was in the way. These all still require split pins. Two other JV's set about cleaning and rubbing down the 2 sections of steam heat pipe and the vacuum pipe. These are now painted with red oxide and can be undercoated next Wednesday.

Bryan brought 3 new hand lamps: these are in the top locker, and Bill has acquired a pot bellied stove on Ebay to keep us warm this winter and cook our Parmo's and warm our Pies! Lunch was had in the mess room today - quite civilised.

Bill Putman emailed me last Tuesday when I was out of contact to say that because of the bad weather you were all suffering, he had decided it would be best not to try and collect the Q6 tubes from Grosmont the next day on behalf of the Ryedale Model Engineers. He will try again, and hope that it is third time lucky, once the weather improves.

Working party next Wednesday as usual - all welcome.