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K1 leaves Hopetown


After 14 months, and with the repaired cylinder's heat resistant paint gleaming, the K1 finally left Hopetown today Friday 20th January to be reunited with its boiler at Carnforth.

The K1 on the low loader leaving the Hopetown site - Colin Smith

Malcolm Simpson and Bill Sharp watching Ian Pearson coupling the DRPS shunter to the K1 frames in Hopetown Works - Colin Smith

At Carnforth, the K1 boiler has passed its Insurance Co and vehicle acceptance body (now train operating company competent person) hydraulic examination on Friday 20th January.

Ian Pearson guides Malky Simpson as the K1 frames are shunted to the loading point; Mike Bloomfield watches the rear - Colin Smith

The K1 frames arrived at Carnforth later that day and are now in the boiler shop. Over the coming weeks the WRC staff will reunite the boiler with the frames. After that we will be after a good response from our working members to help get the locomotive assembled as quickley as possible.

The K1 frames are hauled up the ramp and onto the low loader trailer - Colin Smith

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