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Home Locomotives K1 62005 K1 Blog Saturday 10th February 2018

Saturday 10th February 2018


A mixed couple of days at Carnforth last weekend despite a big turn out (8 of us at one point).

Honing the LH valve liners has now been completed. We will have to find a way to speed up for the RH if we are to get them done in time. The tender spring hangers have been removed so that we can paint the tender frames when the weather warms up a little, the axleboxes were refitted to the loco's trailing wheel set in readiness for putting the wheelset back under the loco. The horn wedges have however been removed for truing (now done) and these must be returned before the wheelset can be refitted (see below).

The trailing wheelset hornstay bolt holes have now all been reamed where necessary and the new bolts ordered. In the smokebox the blower ring has been removed to enable a new flange for the supply pipe can be manufactured and fitted.

In addition to the above cleaning of various components including the LH valve covers and tender frames was completed.

One job that had to be deferred again was refitting the grate. This must now be done next weekend.

The next job will be to return and fit the axlebox wedges for the trailing axleboxes. In order to refit the trailng wheelset this week the wedges must be returned and refitted tomorrow. I will be going to do this after work, departing Teesside at approx 16:30. If anyone would like to join me I would be very grateful. Refitting the wedges will not take long so I expect to be back to Teesside by 21:30.