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Home Locomotives K1 62005 K1 Blog Saturday 17th February 2018

Saturday 17th February 2018


We had a very good turn out over the weekend at Carnforth and good progress was made. Bryan and 4 juniors spent the whole weekend working on the K1 boosting the total numbers to 10 on Saturday (including our CME, John Graham) and 8 on Sunday.

West Coast had put the trailing wheelset back in last week so we were able to continue sorting the hornstays and bolts out. This was progressed far enough to allow the the ashpan linkage to be refitted. We now just need two new bolts to fit (which should be ready for collection later this week) to allow the trailing springs to be refitted. Work also continued with the valve liner honing. The LH has now been completed and a good start has been made on the RH. The grate was refitted, John G inspected the firebox, the blower pipe was removed to facilitate the replacement of the flange, the reverser catch bush removed for replacement, the vacuum lock shoes removed for replacement of the top pin. In addition the above a number of securing jobs were completed and most of the cleaning jobs have now been completed.

There will be another working party this Saturday - despite the good progress last weekend we are still well behind programme so a good turn out is needed.