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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Saturday 3rd February 2018

Saturday 3rd February 2018

Ian reports cold miserable weather, raining on and off all day at Grosmont today with a small, but perfectly formed, band of Trevor Wilford, Peter Ellis, and Ian.

No mice to remove again, so the usual cuppa was consumed then work started with Trevor in the smokebox removing the header nuts with heat, a long chisel, and a hammer . Such an awkward job with very little room to work in. With Trevor having to lay on his back in such a confined space, he managed to get 3 nuts off this week, and 2 last week, so there's 3 left to remove. Ian has NDT 'd the left hand side rods and the photos sent to Barney at the MPD. Peter fitted washers and new split pins (which have been opened out) on the trailing left and right brake hanger pins.

Lunch was had down at the MPD mess room today: too cold in Deviation Shed (come to Sydney where even the rain is hot - yes, it does rain here occasionally!). Afterwards, Peter set about filing the regulator handle square. This has had a small amount of weld put inside so as to give a solid fit to the regulator shaft. More work is still required on this item. Ian and Peter wound up the drawbar nut under the tender and removed the wooden packing that was supporting the spring. While under the loco, Ian noticed the new blow down discharge pipe might get in the way of the rear damper door. To check, the damper was opened and it was indeed found to catch the pipe so some adjustment will have to be made. Also the rear ash pan was emptied, with a barrow full of ash removed along with a pen and a paint brush.


The B1 repainted tender stands on No 1 shed road - Ian Pearson

Not many folk about today, about ten in all maybe. Not that bad considering the poor weather. The B1 tender has been repainted in LNER livery by John Furness and looks very smart (see photo). Ian asks whether we can have the Q6 like it, but NER livery would be better still!