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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Saturday 10th February 2018

Saturday 10th February 2018

Ian reports another grey cold morning, with snow turning to sleet then rain, at Grosmont yesterday, with Peter Ellis, Trevor Wilford, Ian Pearson, and, later on, Alan Hardie after his delivery of fine ale to the Wheatsheaf pub at Egton. Also, apologies from Rachelle Martyn, busy with her studies.

After the usual cuppa it was back into the smoke box for Trevor, trying to remove those awkward header nuts. Before he could start though, a plank of wood long enough for him to lay on had to be found. Eventually Trevor had to cut a piece to length to suit the width of the smoke box - more time consuming work. By the end of the day he only managed to remove one nut in such a confined space. The 2 nuts that are left are even more awkward to get at but they'll be removed eventually. Ian and Peter fitted the right hand inner eccentric onto the sheave, this being the only one ready at the moment. This in itself was quite a task, with the two of them having to lift the top part of the eccentric over the top of the sheave and, with help from Trevor, then lifting the bottom part up and bolting the two sections together (see attached photo).

Lunch was then had down at the MPD. Afterwards, Peter and Trevor had to take some items from the A4 container down to their car to take to York on Wednesday for Darrin. Ian and Alan went back to the eccentric to tighten it up, and all was going well, but then one side became tighter than the other and it became impossible to move the eccentric round. So it was slackened off slightly and it would move quite freely, but as soon we tightened each side a small amount at a time, one set of shims became tight and the other slack. This was worked on for about an hour or so, before it was decided to leave it on. The thought is that it will have to come off and maybe need some more machining. Ian spoke to Paul Middleton, who was working on Lucie, which is now in the boiler shop. Paul said he will talk to Shaun and Keith Pardy about it on Monday. As a result of this experience, it may be best if the outside eccentrics were fitted first, as there is little room to lift the outside ones on when the inside one is fitted. Peter has tightened the nuts which were still to do on the left hand cylinder cover, and all the nuts on the right hand cylinder cover, with the torque wrench.


Q6 right hand eccentric - Ian Pearson

A four coach steam service and the DMU were running, now that the half term holiday service has started, but today it will be the dining set and DMU. Quite a few visitors round the shed as a result, and coins tinkling into the donation box.

The next working party will be on Wednesday 14/02/18 - Valentine's day - so come and show your love for the Q6. As trains are running, the station cafe will be open for refreshments.