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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Wednesday 14th February 2018

Wednesday 14th February 2018

A very cold, fairly bright, morning at Grosmont yesterday with Ian McCall, Derek Shorten, Steve Hyman, Jon Bradley, Ian Pearson and myself on my return from Australia - a 30C drop in temperature takes a bit of getting used to! Cups of tea all round and then work started with me going down to the MPD to discuss with Paul Middleton and Barney the movement of the J27 (or P3 as some people prefer to call it) to Grosmont, and the project plan for its completion and return to traffic.

Derek set about cleaning the front part of the vacuum pipe situated behind the front buffer beam and then the left hand side rods. Ian M continued with the fitting of the side rod cotters, which are now complete. He also fitted the end caps to the trailing and intermediate side rod crank pins, and also the cap and castellated nut on the leading crank pin, secured with a split pin. While doing this work he noticed a missing plug from the trailing crank pin. This is a threaded plug which screws into the centre of the crank pin. There are 2 of these plugs each side, trailing and intermediate, so the intermediate one was removed and taken down to the MPD. Barney is going to see Owain and have one made. In addition, 2 sets of studs from the J pipe are also to be made, as the old ones are quite worn on the threads. Ian went to see Shaun Bowler regarding the poor fitting of the right hand inside eccentric and he came up to Deviation Shed to assist Ian P and Jon to take the eccentric down. Here we found that one of the bolts which eventually is coupled to the eccentric rod, and is located between the brass and the eccentric casting, was sitting slightly proud and pushing the brass upwards. This stud was removed and another fitted with more clearance. That gave a much better fitting eccentric but, when tightened up, we could not move the eccentric, so it was then given extra shims each side. A bit of trial and error at first with 5 thou no good, then 10 no good, then 15 and still tight when tightened up, so then 20 thou and this finally proved to be OK. So 2 shims were made and one fitted either side and the nuts and locking nuts were then tightened up. Now all that is required is two cotters making and fitting. Steve made a good job of cleaning the J pipe recess . On my return from the MPD, I made a start cleaning grime and rust from the steam heat pipe under the tender and also part of the first and second wheelsets on the right hand side. Lots of grime to remove so plenty of cleaning work and painting to do in this area!

Lunch was had in Deviation Shed upstairs. Owain came up and measured the big end brasses and the journals. The right hand big end was OK but the left hand one needs to be remetalled.