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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Saturday 17th February 2018

Saturday 17th February 2018

Ian reports a cold murky morning at Grosmont today with Trevor Willford, Peter Ellis and Ian himself. No mice to report, usual cuppa, and then the first job was to take the left hand big end down to the machine shop as requested by Owain. This is for re-metalling, then machining, which may be done later next week.

Trevor was again working in the smoke box all day, and managed to remove another nut and nearly the last one, but alas time ran out. Very disappointing but he will get it out next Saturday. The other 3 eccentrics have been delivered to Deviation Shed, so Ian and Peter set about getting the left outside ready for fitting. With a struggle and a lot cursing and the use of the steps, they eventually got it fitted before lunch was taken upstairs at the MPD. After lunch they started to get the left inside ready, but found quite a bit of over run white metal between the brass and the eccentric casting. Its removal revealed that there were no oil ways drilled through the white metal. That started the alarm bells ringing about whether the oil ways been drilled on the 2 eccentrics already fitted. Ian went to check and found that the eccentric he and Peter had fitted earlier didn't have any oil ways, while the right hand inner only had one oil way drilled. These 2 eccentrics will have to be taken down, drilled and re- fitted next week. The oil way on the left hand inner eccentric was drilled out and this is now ready for fitting, along with the right hand outside eccentric which had its oil ways ready drilled by the MPD. Really frustrating and disheartening.

Nigel Hall has brought one load of copper pipes for the J27 which are on pallets and have been placed in the four foot on No 8 road behind Hartland. The old main smoke box steam pipe has been put next to No5 - it may make a good flue for Bill's stove in due course! The J27 itself has been successfully coupled together, and subject to finding a replacement signalman for one who has gone sick, the J27 should be moved to Grosmont on Monday. Paul H will be checking it over at Pickering tomorrow and oiling up. When it arrives, the engine will go straight in to the Fabrication shop for work to start, while the tender will go into Deviation Shed on top of the Q6 tender. To achieve this, Hartland will be moved out of Deviation Shed and No 29 and Lucie will be moved into Hartland's space. Nigel is hoping to bring down the remaining smaller components, mainly from the brass store, on Wednesday, along with the photo album to guide those fitting cab pipework.