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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Wednesday 21st February 2018

Wednesday 21st February 2018

A bit of a grey day, but fairly mild with some sunshine later at Grosmont, with Derek Shorten, Ian McCall, Roy Marshall, Nigel Hall, Ian Pearson and myself. Usual cuppa and no mice to report again!

Nigel, Roy, Derek and myself spent much of the day moving J27 parts from Deviation Shed down to the Fabrication Shop, and unloading Nigel's van - see separate J27 report. Ian P and Ian M started work on removing the 2 sets of eccentrics . First the left hand outer was taken down, the oil ways drilled through the white metal, and then re-fitted back onto the sheave (see photo).

Lunch was had in Deviation Shed today due to the mild weather.

After lunch, Ian P and Ian M continued to remove the right hand inner eccentric. This did not need any drilling but made the job of fitting the right hand outer much easier and with a little help from Chris (these eccentrics are quite heavy), this was fitted by the end of the day. These will need tightening and shimming where necessary.  Now the left and right inner eccentrics can be fitted on Saturday. Derek continued to clean grime and rust from the vacuum and steam pipes under the cab and tender ready for a coat of paint.


Ian McColl and Ian Pearson reassemble an eccentric - Chris Lawson

An inspection of lifting tackle was done today by the NYMR's inspector. He only wanted to look at strops and shackles and his records showed 6 strops and 2 shackles. But we only had 3 strops and 2 shackles in stock. The 2 shackles  and two x 2 metre stops passed OK and have been marked up with yellow paint. The one metre strop failed, and this was disposed of. We now require some replacements: two x 2 metre and two x 1 metre strops. In future, if any strops are defective, please remove the label and keep for the inspector in a safe place - the filing cabinet in the upstairs store will do fine - and dispose of the defective strop.

Barry Neesom has made 52 copper ferrules. These are in a box in the machine shop along with the remaining length of copper pipe. Ian will collect these on Saturday and take them to Deviation Shed. A start will be made on Friday to chamfer the remaining 6 flues.