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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Saturday 24th February 2018

Saturday 24th February 2018

Ian reports a fine dry, sunny but cold, day at Grosmont, with only three attending - Peter Ellis, Ian McCall, and Ian himself. No more mice to report again: we must have got them all at last! Usual cuppa, then it was eccentric work all day, with the two Ian's fitting and Peter making shims and assisting fitting the eccentrics where required. This is heavy work in a confined space. The right hand outer was shimmed first with 20 thou each side then tightened up. The cotter pin is still to make and fit. Then the left hand inner was fitted and shimmed, again 20 thou each side and tightened up. Then the last one, right hand inner, which still requires shims. All the syphon tubes were fitted into the oilways, but, unfortunately, the syphon on the left hand inner would not fit flush, protruding out a couple of inches even though the white metal had been drilled. This one will have to be dismantled and a larger hole drilled on Wednesday. All the trimmings for the syphon tubes are soaking in lube oil in a tub on the work bench.

Lunch was had upstairs at the MPD. One flue tube is left to have the chamfer cut after the MPD boiler team's activities on Friday. All the ferrules have been brought up and are in a box on the workshop bench.

Only a few visitors round today, about half a dozen, but that should increase next Saturday with Tornado in operation.

Next working party will be Wednesday 28th February weather permitting:
be warned, it may be very cold!