North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Saturday 3rd March 2018

Ian reports another cold grey day with the odd snow flurry at Grosmont. All the main roads were open from Teesside and Wetherby with Ian McCall, Peter Ellis, Bill Dobson, Trevor Wilford and Ian in attendance. Around lunch time came Nigel Hall, followed by the hiab down Esk Valley bank with the J27 cab, chimney, sand boxes, springs and various other bits and pieces (see separate report and photo from last night).

The usual cuppa was prepared by Trevor (what a great guy) and no mice again. Work started with Trevor removing the last nut from the header, which was then removed, while Ian P, Ian M and Peter removed the left inside eccentric for drilling out the oil way hole which was too small for the syphon tube. After drilling and fitting the tube, this eccentric was fitted back onto the sheave with a 15 thou shim put in, and tightened up. Lunch was had in the warmth of the MPD mess room.

After lunch, the two Ian's had a quick look round Tornado. Then back to work trying to fit the left hand eccentric rod. This became very frustrating as it would not sit flush onto the eccentric. No matter how much we tried to knock it, and move it up and down, it did not want to move. It was taken down and some filing was done, put back up and still it would not fit. As time ran out, this is something for another go on Wednesday. Ian M started to make new cotters for the eccentrics, but didn't get far as he was helping Ian P and Bill with the eccentric rod.

Not much to report on the boiler: there's one or two chamfer's still to cut on the flues. Nigel delivered the Q6 valves. These are now stored behind the bench in Deviation Shed with a pink blanket over them.