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Home Locomotives K1 62005 K1 Blog Saturday 10th March 2018

Saturday 10th March 2018


6 of us worked at Carnforth over the weekend and we made good progress.

Before the weekend the LH crosshead had been taken from Darlington where it had been re-metalled and machined. This was necessary to avoid overloading the co car on Saturday.

Over the weekend the LH engine was largely reassembled - the new valve rings were gapped, notched, chamfered and fitted to the heads allowing the valve to be refitted after refitting the back valve cover. The crosshead was refitted and thoroughly checked, then reunited with the piston rod, followed by more checking The new piston packings were then fitted. A new union link pin bush was fitted to the crosshead and the union link and combination leaver were then been put back up as was the front cylinder cover .

The valve glands, valve rod/crosshead cotter, piston packing and union link pin split pins still need to be fitted as does the crosshead cotter securing key (just built up with weld to improve the fit tonight).

Work also continued with honing the RH valve liners - the front has now been completed and a good start made on the back. The repaired ejector exhaust pipe was refitted inside the smokebox as was the blower supply pipe (it had been removed for a new flange to be fitted) and the blower ring.

We also made a good start on painting the tender frames - they were thoroughly cleaned (again) rubbed down, all lose paint removed, prepared, filled, rubbed back down and primed - not bad considering my orbital sander expired early on Saturday afternoon (it cost me £5.00 about 15 years ago - you just can't get decent stuff to last these days) so we had to wait for another one to arrive on Sunday.

We also had another excellent night in Lancaster and even managed a pint in the Snug on Carnforth Station before we went.

All very satisfying for those involved but we are still miles behind programme. In view of this we are working full weekends for the rest of this month (inc Easter Sat and Sun). In order to help the Carnforth regulars it would be nice if more of you would come and help - we are not that bad - honest.