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Home Locomotives K1 62005 K1 Blog Saturday March 17th 2018

Saturday March 17th 2018


Only 3 at Carnforth and 2 on Sunday so not much progress on the K1 over the weekend.

We did manage to carry on with the honing on the RH valve liners - hopefully this will be completed this coming weekend. The RH crosshead (having being taken from Darlington to Carnforth during the week) was fitted and checked, the LH valve gland was refitted, the outstanding securing jobs were finished to the LH engine and the graduable steam brake valve was refitted after refurbishment. Unfortunately, that was it so we are now even further behind programme.

There will be another full weekend of working on the K1 this coming weekend. In addition to the mechanical work we hope to progress the repainting of the tender frames, so if You could do either day or both. If you are prepared to get involved then please let me know.