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Home Locomotives K1 62005 K1 Blog Saturday 24th March 2018

Saturday 24th March 2018


A satisfactory weekend on the K1 with 6 of us there on Saturday and 5 on Sunday.

Over the weekend good progress was made with the honing - another half day and it will be finished. The RH valve rings were gapped, the RH piston was prepared for fitting, the rings gapped and fitted, the piston was then fitted, reunited with the crosshead, the piston packings fitted and secured and the front covet refitted.

A new bushes were fitted for union link pin to the RH crosshead and the reverser catch. Both need reaming through to finish them off. A good start was also made on drilling out the sheared cladding fixing set screws from the cylinder blocks and with refitting the manifold pipework. Work on replacing a number of wasted roof stay nuts in the firebox resumed and a new steam pipe was manufactured and fitted to the RH back sands.

The tender frames were undercoated on Saturday and received their first coat of gloss on Sunday. They will however need a second coat of gloss this coming weekend. A new LH internal filler pipe was fitted to the tender and a start was made in removing the tender water gauge cross shaft and bracket inside the tender (the float arm sheared off this on the last day of Jacobite service last year)

Whilst we had a very productive weekend there is still much to do if we are to have the engine ready in time for the season and we are still well behind programme.