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Home Locomotives K1 62005 K1 Blog Saturday 31st March 2018

Saturday 31st March 2018


Six of us worked on the K1 on Saturday and four on Sunday. Satisfactory progress was made.

The honing was completed and the RH back valve cover and valve were fitted. The valve gland and combination leaver are, however. still to fit. A start was also made on improving and repainting the cladding sheet that fits round the safety valve and whistle bosses and the tender frames were lightly rubbed down and given their second coat of gloss.

The I.D's to the new bushes for the union link pin in the RH crosshead and reverser catch were reamed to size and the reverser catch was then refitted. The end of the regulator rod was die pen tested and found to be in order.

The coupling rods to both sides were fitted after lining the cranks up and the LH con rod, return crank and eccentric rod were also refitted. All still need securing. The RH intermediate coupling rod bush and the LH big end had been re-metaled so both were trial fitted "dry" and clearances checked before being fitted (complete with new felts). A new felt has also been cut and soaked for the RH big end which has also been re-metaled.

There is still a huge amount of work to do and now that I have retired from my paid job I will be spending as much time as it takes to finish the K1 in time for its rostered work on the Jacobite. If you can help, at any time, then please let me know.