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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Wednesday 4th April 2018

Wednesday 4th April 2018

A grey, but dry, start to the morning again at Grosmont with bursts of sunshine and then a tropical downpour in the late afternoon. Bill Dobson, Steve Hyman (until early afternoon), Jon Bradley, Nigel Hall, Bryan Orange, Luke Perry of the JVs, Ian Pearson and myself were present, plus JV Tom Noble appearing occasionally during breaks in his cleaner duties at the MPD. No mice to report again, cups of tea all round, bar Ian who was late arriving - serves him right for sleeping in!

First job was to get into the NYMR's Transit pickup, which required some muscle power, before taking it round the East side of Deviation Shed to load up the old scrap boiler tubes. So it was all hands on loading the scrap tube, with Bryan cutting some in half after Jon had borrowed a large angle grinder with a cutting disc from the MPD and set up an extension from our Shed . By the time we got the pickup loaded and tied down it was lunch time, so it was lunch in Deviation shed on the bench. There is another load to be taken to clear the Q6 scrap tubes, and we need also to take the ex-Crewe now scrap smokebox wrapper: the pickup has been booked again for next Wednesday. This work site also provided the opportunity to admire the new guttering on the East side of the Shed which the contractor had installed earlier in the week - the West side should be done next week.

After lunch, Ian and Jon set off with the scrap to Marske by the Sea, to European Metal Recycling Ltd. Their load weighed in at just over 1.14 tonnes, bringing in £193.80 for the Q6 fund. While Ian and Jon were slaving away at Marske unloading the scrap, Steve and I fitted the brake linkage between the locomotive and tender and Bill and I put up the rear part of the locomotive brake linkage. Nigel set about repairing the left hand valve spindle follower to stop the inner section turning and blocking the oil supply to the valve spindle. The repair is nearly complete but time ran out so Nigel has kindly taken it home to his workshop to finish the job off. Bill and Ian also found a job for Gordon Wells to do in his workshop at home, namely to repair the vacuum gauge brass surround which broke while being cleaned: it additionally needs 3 very small screws to secure the surround. Ian has delivered the gauge to Gordon.

Quite a bit of late running on the railway again yesterday with a land slip near Darnholm causing concern. Although it is not fouling the track, it is not far off and is being constantly monitored and trains are running by at caution. There were also reported problems on the Esk Valley line which caused delays on trains running to and from Whitby. 80136, the B1 (due to move to York on Friday for its main line rail tour trips to Whitby) and 826 Repton were in charge of trains. 76079 was on the wheeldrop during the day receiving attention to its rear set of drivers, but was moved down to the running shed at the end of the day. So not the best start to the season for the NYMR, but trains seemed to be reasonably loaded, and we had a fair number of visitors round Deviation Shed, all of whom had the donation box firmly pointed out to them!

There is now little work we can do until the NYMR gets the replacement copper ferrule for the firebox tubeplate (which will allow retubing to begin) and the machined big end bearing (promised again for next Wednesday). As a result there will be no working party this Saturday 7 April, but there will be one on Wednesday 11 April, in the expectation that the big end bearing will finally be available for fitting, and the second load of scrap needs to be loaded and delivered. The elements are still awaited from Mathew Storey, but they are not yet on the critical list