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K1 Blog

A blog of activities associated with the K1 62005.

The K1 returned early to Carnforth from 2021 Jacobite duties with worn wheel flanges.  The tyres were at minimum size - which would not allow another reprofiling on the wheel tathe. The 10 year boiler ticket is due to expire too. The locomotive is being stripped down to assess the scope of repair and refurbishment work required to return it to service.

K1 update 24th October 2021


We worked on the preparations for the K1 overhaul for two full days and two evenings this week.

On the loco, the manifold was removed as were the remaining dome cover nuts. The snifting valve cover and valve body upper section have also been removed and the lower body prepared for removal. A good start on needle gunning the boiler has also been made. In addition all of the repairs required to the small bore pipework in the cab have now been completed with the re-ending of the steam sands drain pipe.

The main push this week was, however, to progress preparing the GUV (general utility van) for our use (primarily as as store). This work is now very close to completion - just another man (or woman) hour and the job will be done.

Many thanks to Angie Buxton, Rolly Bingham, Steve Gibson and Les Harper for their contributions since the last update.


K1 update 18th October 2021


Just 2 days work on the K1 last week.

The cab and ashpan have been moved near to our coach. We have removed removed the AWS bell and horn and the various plates from the cab roof.

K1 ashpan and cab roof near the support coach (left) - Paul Huchinson

On the boiler the backhead cladding and lagging has been removed, the manifold has been prepared for removal and about half the dome cover nuts have been slackened off (they all needed heat to get them to move). The remaining crinolines have also been removed. The attached photos show the cab and ashpan next to our coach (note the Yorkshire flag - very popular with the natives) and the boiler as we left it on Saturday.

K1 boiler on wagon outside the boiler shop - Pul Hutchinson

In addition to the work on the various bits of the loco, West Coast have now loaned us a GUV and we have made a good start in getting it ready for use as a store.

Many thanks to Angie Buxton, Rolly Bingham and Steve Gibson who have all worked on the loco since the last report.


62005 update 12thy October 2021


Following the boiler lift on Monday last week, we have done another two days work on the K1.

Angie Buxton heating the T bar nuts on the second row of superheater elements in order to free them - Chris Henwood

All superheater elements have been removed as have the petticoat/ejector exhaust ring and all but the front two crinolines. The firebars have all been removed from the ashpan which has now been thoroughly examined. It is in sound enough condition to repair rather than replace.

On the frames, the diaphragm plate has been removed as have the spring hanger nut locking plates. Some initial cleaning between the frames has also been undertaken. In addition some of the cab pipework has been re-ended in readiness for refitting when the engine is reassembled.

In the coach the work bench has been improved by mounting the vice on a steel plate. This makes for a much more robust arrangement and we can now carry out brazing work on the bench without setting fire to it!

Many thanks to Angie Buxton, Mike Bloomfield, Steve Gibson, Les Harper, Chris Henwood and Rolly Bingham who have all worked on the engine or coach since the last report. The attached photo, taken by Chris Henwood, shows Angie working on element removal. It shows that either the K1's boiler is very big or that Angie is very small - you decide!


K1 update 6th October 2021


If a picture paints a thousand words then attached is a 2000 word report.

K1 with cab split ready for cab and boiler lift

Boiler on flat waggon outside boiler shop.

Many thanks to Angie Buxton, Steve Gibson, Rolly Bingham and Frank Hryniewicz (who travelled from Wolverhampton and stayed in the coach for a night) who have all done at least one day on the K1 since the last report and to West Coast for organising the crane (which did 3 lifts on the day) and overseeing the lift of our boiler.


Tuesday 28th September 2021


We have worked on the K1 6 days since the last report.

The boiler is now about ready to come off with just the steam pipes and saddle bolts to come out of the smoke box, one cladding sheet to remove and a few minor bits to attend to. In addition the engine and tender are now ready to split

We have also had a closer look at the work required to the firebox. This will be the most time consuming and costly part of the overhaul (subject to Group approval of course).

The coach has now been moved to the location where it will stay pretty much until the loco leaves so we have installed an overhead shore supply and removed some of the clutter from the workshop. In addition we have continued to improve the shower room we use while at Carnforth.

Many thanks to Angie Buxton, Rolly Bingham, Steve Gibson, Les Harper and new recruit Robby Ellis who have all done at least one day over the last 2 weeks.

Working parties this week will be on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The aim is to complete the preparations to remove the boiler which may then happen on Monday (as West Coast plan to have a crane on site to lift one of their boiler's on that day).


12th September 2021


We worked on the K1 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday last week.

Further progress was made on clearing the backhead (now almost completed) the atomisers and associated pipework were removed as were the RH drain cocks, the loco brake pull rods, the hopper door linkage and the engine to tender bags. A start has also been made on removing the ashpan hopper doors. All parts removed have been cleaned and have either been examined or prepared for initial examination.

The thickness testing of the inner firebox sides and door plate was also completed.

Many thanks to Angie Buxton, Steve Gibson, Mike Bloomfield and Rolly Bingham who all did at least one day's work last week.

In addition to work on the loco we are in the process of improving the shower room at Steamtown as (assuming the Group agrees to overhaul the loco) we will be using the facility far more than anyone else over the next 18 months.


6th September 2021


We worked on the K1 on Thursday and Friday last week.

The blast pipe spark arrestor was removed and the thickness testing of the outer wrapper completed. Other than that we concentrated on stripping the backhead and cab areas.

Each part removed has been cleaned, examined and logged before being stored or brought to Staithes for servicing/repair. Some of the parts brought to Staithes have now been attended to and will be returned to Carnforth this week. While all of this is very time consuming now, it will enable a rapid reassembly when the time comes.

3/4 view showong pistons out and rods off - Paul Hutchinson

The attached photos give an indication of the current situation at Carnforth.

View of the backhead - Paul Hutchinson

Many thanks to Steve Gibson, Les Harper and Angie Buxton who all did at least one day last week.


25th August 2021


We worked on the K1 for 3 days last week as planned.  The pre overhaul dismantling continued with the following parts being removed:

  • Whistle
  • Firebox cladding and lagging
  • Rear valve covers
  • Union links
  • Combination levers and valve cross heads
  • Radius rods
  • Expansion links
  • LH drain cocks
  • Pistons (after splitting from cross heads - the missing dolly did not turn up so I made a new one)
  • Gauges

After removal of the firebox cladding and lagging the boiler side hand rails were refitted for safety reasons.

All parts removed have been examined and required work identified - there are no nasty surprises yet. In addition the LH cylinder cover has been cleaned and the LH front cylinder relief valve serviced. The whistle and LH drain cocks have been brought back to Staithes for servicing.

Many thanks to Angie Buxton, Steve Gibson, Les Harper and Mike Bloomfield who all did at least one day last week.


15th August 2021


We have now started the pre-overhaul dismantling of the K1 in order to better assess the work required.

So far the following have been removed:

  • Cylinder covers
  • Cross head cotters
  • Piston packings
  • Piston valves
  • Cylinder drain pipework
  • Coupling and connecting rods
  • Concrete arch
  • Safety valves
  • Ejector exhaust (internal and external)
  • Primary smokebox screen
  • Boiler doors

In addition the firebox wrapper cladding is ready to lift off as soon as the whistle has been removed, all clack box valves have been stripped and serviced, the gauge frames have been stripped for inspection and the foundation ring has been swilled out.

Many thanks to Steve Gibson, Les Harper, Roland Bingham and Angie for the work done so far.

We would have removed the pistons by now but unfortunately the 8" dolly which forms part of the crosshead splitting gear was missing when I collected the gear from Grosmont on Friday. If any one knows where the missing dolly is then please let me know as soon as possible.


3rd and 4th August 2021


The K1 returned to Carnforth on 26 July, where work has started on stripping it down to assess its overhaul requirements and, as a consequence, provide a better assessment of the work required and its likely cost. This will inform the motion to be put to members for approval of the overhaul and its proposed expenditure. No work on the overhaul itself will be started however, until we have member's approval to do so.

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