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K1 Blog

A blog of activities associated with the K1 62005.

K1 and coach update 5th May 2021


First of all sorry about the long gap between updates. My excuse is that I have been a bit busy!

Anyway after working pretty much solidly for the last few days, the only time contingency being not to sleep, the K1 and coach were complete enough to travel to Fort William as planned over the 19th and 20th April. Work to the engine was more or less completed but on the coach, while J.P. managed to complete the wiring with a luxurious one day to spare, the kitchen redecoration was (and still is) to finish and the workshop was a bit of a mess (since tidied up).

Many thanks to all those who worked so hard to try and get both vehicles finished - we nearly made it.

The loco and coach both behaved as we travelled North but we were delayed by a points failure during the loco turning move at Eaglescliffe and a diesel pilot failure at Carlisle. Notwithstanding these we managed to get to Fort William safely, all be it two hours late.

Most of the support crew who had brought the loco and coach to Fort William went home on the 21st but 3 of us remained for an extra day to plumb the toilet/shower block in, sort the shore supply for the coach and put the engine to bed.

A crap quality shot shows a full moon rising over Ben Nevis and the K1 on Sunday 25th April. It is only included for its novelty value - Pul Hutchins

It was clear then that the first weeks operation was going to be challenging as much of the depot was out of use. This is down to the fact that Network Rail have taken back control of the depot and yard from DB, and on viewing the state of the track, shut the whole lot down. They are now working on getting the track back up to the required standard but it is going to take a few weeks to achieve this and to get the long awaited mains electricity supply installed.

The first weeks support crew was Angie, Frank Hryniewicz and me for the first half of the week but we were joined by Rich Pearson and Chris Graham from Wednesday on. The biggest problem we had at the beginning of the week was getting a decent shower - without going into detail we had teething troubles with the shower/toilet block and the genny provided for power was not up to the job. Both issues have, however, now been resolved.

The K1 on the Jacobite crossing the Lochy Bridge on Friday 30th April - Paul Hutchinson

The loco behaved quite well although it did suffer two broken springs. One of these was certainly due to a manufacturing defect and we will not be charged for the repair.

The weather remained dry during the week, resulting in the need for fire patrols on both morning and afternoon trains on Thursday and diesel assistance on Friday and Saturday.

The K1 at rest on Sunday morning 2nd May - Paul Htchinson

While the first week did prove to be challenging it was enjoyable none the less. Passenger numbers were low during the week but did pick up on Saturday. I expect they will steadily increase as Nicola eases the Scottish lockdown.


K1 returns to Fort William


The K1 has arrived at Carlisle. The planned timetable did not quite go to plan on Teesside.

The loco was to turn via Stockton-Eaglescliffe and back to Tees Yard. However, it went to Eaglescliffe first and unfortunatly the points would not operate. Therefore it went to Darlington (no other crossovers before that) before coming back to Stockton and then Tees Yard to pick up the coach. It left 2:22 or 32 mins late but through some trickery in the timetable arrived at Darlington on time. It did not stop at the mail terminal on Tynside and therefore I am sure it did the trip on the one tenderfull.

Hartburn Jc. Stockton with Ropner Park on right - Terry Newman

Reversing on triangle at Hartburn Jc. Stockton with Ropner Park on right - Terry Newman

After reversing and colecting coach from Tees Yard, passing Thornaby Station - Terry Newman

Passing Thornaby Station - terry Newman


Friday 9th April 2021


The K1 completed its work on the NYMR on Wednesday afternoon. The loco generally performed well but there are a few items to attend to before it leaves for Fort William (currently scheduled for 19th April). The most significant job is to replace the RH leading side rod bush. The bush currently fitted is new but it is too short so must be replaced. We will be taking the RH rods off and pushing the existing bush out tomorrow and the NYMR should complete the new bush by Wednesday at the latest.

Work on the new coach lighting, battery box modifications and kitchen redecoration has progressed but there is still much to do.

Many thanks to Mike B, Scott M, Richie Worrall, Angie, Rich P, Rich De, Sammy T, Rolly, Kenny M, Chris H, JO and Les Harper who have all worked on the engine or coach recently.


Sunday 4th April 2021


Rolly, Angie, Kenny M, Mike B, new recruit Sammy Tidy and I worked on the loco and coach today. We changed a broken loco spring, prepared the engine for its next scheduled work (see below) and lit it up. On the coach a start was made on the redecoration of the kitchen and the alterations to one of the battery boxes was very nearly completed.

The K1 will be working 4 Grosmont/Whitby return trips a day on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. There will be working parties pretty much every day until the loco and coach depart for Fort William on 19th April.


Thursday 1st April 2021


The K1 has been operating between Grosmont and Battersby since Monday. The only problem with the loco encountered so far was an AWS failure on Tuesday. Angie. Mike B and I were at Grosmont when the loco returned to the shed so we were able to carry out a repair and clean the wheels, frames and rods while we were on. Our 22.00 finish was a little later than planned but it was worth the effort. Other than that all has been satisfactory.

The loco is due to work the Grosmont – Battersby service again tomorrow and, subject to confirmation, Grosmont – Whitby on Monday and Tuesday next week.


On Network Rail to Battersby


The K1 has been working from Grosmont to Battersby for crew training.

10.00 Grosmont to Battersby at Commondale on 29th March - Maurice Burns

10.00 Grosmont to Battersby crossing the Esk at Danby on 30th March - Maurice Burns


26th March 2021


Following the last update we steamed the K1 on Wednesday with Angie, Rich P and me (for refitting the tender steam brake piston and our steam/functional test) and today with Angie and me (for fitting new piston packings (kindly collected from Steve Andrews at Derby by Mike B) and the annual mainline hot exam/functional test).

The tests on both days were satisfactory and, before heading home this evening, we persuaded the Doc (who had been messing about with Bill on the Q6) to drive the engine up and down the head shunt a few times. He must have been impressed as he gave Angie and me access to the Q6 team’s stash of custard creams afterwards – only one each mind.

The next working party on the K1 will be on Sunday when we will be preparing the loco for working the Grosmont – Battersby crew competence trains next week.


23rd March 2021


Since the last report on the K1, working parties have taken place most days and several nights. Angie, Mike B, Chris H, Scott M, Kenny M, Rolly and me have all been involved

With the fire lit, the K1 stands on the pit under the coaling plant - Paul Hutchinson

In 35 years of working on the K1 I have never known it object so much to being put back together. It is however very nearly there. After a false start on Sunday the fire was lit late this afternoon for a NELPG steam/functional test tomorrow - we still need to refit the tender steam brake piston (after a replacement little end pin was fitted today) but that will be done first thing in the morning. The attached photo was taken as Angie and I left Grosmont at 17.30ish today - an early finish for once.

The mainline hot exam/functional test is scheduled to take place on Friday and the loco is due work crew competency trains to Battersby Monday to Thursday next week. If you would like to be involved in looking after the loco while it does this work then please let me know.

With regard to the coach, JP has made good progress with the new 24v lighting system, tidying up much of the 240v wiring at the same time. Richard De and Chris H have also sorted out a number of very sticky drop lights and Kenny M has started the alterations to the battery boxes necessary to accommodate the new batteries.


11th March 2021


Since the last report there has been 5 working parties on the K1 (Scott M, Mike B, Angie, Charlie Woods, Chris Cubit and me all did at least one day). In addition JP has done another day working on the coach lighting.

The work undertaken was as follows:

  1. Both pistons (having been collected by Mike last Friday) refitted following final cleaning, dressing and fitting of rings.
  2. Piston packing followers, lense rings, springs and spring cups cleaned (both sides).
  3. RH piston rod reunited with crosshead.
  4. LH cylinder cover cleaned and prepared for refitting.
  5. LH crosshead shimmed.
  6. Driving wheelset hornstay bolt hole reaming completed, replacement bolts fitted and secured.
  7. Driving wheelset springs lifted into hangers.
  8. New cab lights ,including a lamp over the reverser indicator, fitted (by Charlie and Chris C).
  9. Machining new snifting valve completed (on my lathe at home).
  10. More filling and rubbing down carried out to repaired areas on the back of the tender.
  11. Rear draw gear removed. Draw bar (hook) die pen tested (ok) and delivered to Flavells for repair – from there it will go to Graythorpe Forge for normalising.

1st March 2021


We had working parties on Wednesday and Thursday (Angie and me working on the K1 both days) and Saturday (Angie, Mike B, Scott M and me on the K1).

Over the 3 days the following work was undertaken:

  1. Annual service of blower valve completed and refitted.
  2. 5 hornstay bolt holes on driving wheel set reamed true and new bolts fitted to 4 of them. 3 more holes to ream and 4 bolts to fit.
  3. Reaming of tender brake piston and con rod little end holes started.
  4. Both cylinders cleaned internally, cover studs cleaned and sealing faces prepared for refitting.
  5. Both driver's side injector intermediate air ministry joints split (joints to be remade).
  6. Steam chest pressure gauge supply pipe annealed, front section refitted, union fittings removed from intermediate section - to be replaced with new fittings.
  7. Two cracks to the rear of tender tank welded and filled - further filling and painting to be progressed this week (weather permitting).
  8. Building up (with weld) of thin areas of the smokebox door sealing ring completed.
  9. New baffle plate trimmed to correct profile/shape.
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