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K1 Blog

A blog of activities associated with the K1 62005.

Friday 28th February 2020


We had a good turn out for last Saturday's working party - 7 of us in attendance.

We prepared the loco for tyre turning,  inspecting and measuring the clearances in the coupling rod bushes as we went along. Unfortunately both intermediate bushes we loose in the rods so they will have to be replaced. One other (LL) bush requires remetaling and the RH gradient pin bush needs to be replaced. In addition the side to side clearances on the leading and trailing crank pins are a little excessive so all of the associated thrust rings will be replaced before the rods are put back up. The speedo drive and bracket were also removed (and cleaned) in prep for tyre turning.

In addition to the above we removed the concrete arch, removed the RH injector steam valve so that the spindle can be replaced and replaced the spacer behind the regulator handle securing nut as the old one was not quite thick enough.

We would have done more but the weather was not on our side so we had a relatively early finish at around 16:00.

The engine and tender were moved on to the ground lathe on Monday morning. Angie and I had intended being around for the whole tyre turning operation but the weather had other ideas. Our normal two and a half hour journey from home to Carnforth took 6 hours, during which we encountered snow and once over the Pennies (on the A65 as the 66 was shut) floods. The upshot was that we missed the first couple of cuts in the first coupled wheel set to be turned - not really a big deal.

The rest of the tyre turning was carried out without issue and was completed by mid day, Thursday. During this time Angie did a few minor jobs to the loco and coach. Thankfully our journey home yesterday afternoon was straightforward with very little snow left over Stainmore.

The next working party on the K1 will be tomorrow when, amongst other things, we will be preparing the trailing coupled wheel set for removal for attention to the back boxes.


Thursday 20th February 2020


After its successful visit to the GC the K1 has been safely delivered to rather wet Carnforth. The engine arrived yesterday afternoon and the tender this morning.

The engine and tender were reunited (just on the safety links for now) early this afternoon and were then moved into Steamtown. Angie and I went over to Carnforth to oversee proceedings. In addition we carried out a few minor jobs to the coach, put the tools and spares we took to the GC away, removed the gauge glasses and disconnected the pressure gauges.

The next working party is on Saturday.

Following Saturday's working party the loco is booked onto Carnforth's ground lathe for tyre turning on Monday and Tuesday next week. Angie and I will be there to witness the work and will hopefully manage to do a few other jobs while we are there.

While I expect we will manage to complete the planned work to the K1 in time for it to take up this season's work on the Jacobite we will need additional help to get the coach into good shape. There are joinery, electrical and decorating works to do. If you are able to help with any of these then please let me know.


Saturday 8th February 2020


Before the K1 is moved by road to Carnforth it will be doing 3 more days work on the GCR.

The loco will work another photo charter then an evening diner on the 14th Feb and service trains on the 15th and 16th.

The move to Carnforth is planned for the 19th Feb. The first working party of the second stage of this year's winter maintenance will be on Saturday 22nd Feb when we will be removing the concrete arch and the side rods (ahead of tyre turning). The loco is booked onto West Coast's ground lathe on the 24th.


K1 arrives at Great Central


K1 at Loughborough - Angela Buxton

After the K1 finished its NYMR duties on New Year's day Peter Whitaker, Ken Morrison and I went to New Bridge on Thursday to split the engine and tender, remove the NYMR's kit (firing shovels, coal pick, bucket etc) and to take what I hope are the final measurements for gauging the locomotive.

The move by road to the GCR was booked for yesterday but the low loaders turned up on Thursday lunchtime. Both engine and tender were therefore loaded that afternoon. The move then took place yesterday as planned the only complication being a blow out of one of the trailer tyres as the low loader carrying the loco came off the A64 on to the A1. This delayed the journey by 2 hours.

The delay did not stop the loco getting to the GCR yesterday afternoon. Angie and I had travelled down to meet it and along with some of the GCR staff, reunited the engine and tender. The engine and tender were then hauled from Quorn, where they had been unloaded and reunited, to Loughborough (see attached photo taken by Angie this morning). We stayed in Loughborough last night so that we could sort the various tools we had brought and to make a start on preparing the loco for work on the GCR. We also examined the loco and carried out a couple of minor repairs.

The loco will be steamed next week as part of the GCR's acceptance procedure and is due to work photo charters 13th - 16th Jan and then during the Winter Gala 24th - 26th Jan.

Finally many thanks are due to Kieran from the NYMR C&W dept for volunteering during what should have been a day off to do the shunting required to get the loco loaded at New Bridge.


Monday 30th December 2019


Following the K1's insurance hot exam on Christmas eve the loco had a satisfactory day on test/running in on Saturday (Ian Pearson driving, Andrew Jeffery and Richard deSadeleer sharing the firing, Angie and Mike Bloomfield helping with the prep and sorting the contents of the coach out and me generally keeping an eye on the loco.

We were off shed early enough to get a run up the bank and back before the first train. All was well after this so we banked the first train to Pickering, doing about half the work and then brought it back on the front of the train doing most of the work. Again all was well on our return so we banked the next train back up to Goathland doing most of the the work. For this last trip Richard and I got off and have Angie and Mike had a ride out.

The engine performed well throughout the day, the new white metal (both cross heads) got no warmer than normal running temperature. Both piston packings were passing (but both improved with mileage) and there was a very minor leak to the RH cylinder cover (since nipped up).

The loco was passed for further service and worked the Pickering - Whitby charter yesterday during which the piston packings continued to take up but the whistle handle return spring broke. This was repaired last night but a new spring is needed.

The loco is back out again today and is due to work tomorrow and New Years day where it will finish at New Bridge. From there it will be dispatched to the GCR.


Tuesday 24th December 2019


The K1 had a successful steam test yesterday with Mike Bloomfield, Les Harper and me present. In addition we finished filling the back of the tender tank (and got it painted) and the side rods and wiggly bits were cleaned up and oiled. Angie and I went back over to Grosmont last night to build the back end up and then again this morning to meet the insurance examiner for the insurance hot exam. This went well, we put the engine to bed and got away for 13:00.

The running in day will now be on Saturday and if all goes well the loco will work to Whitby the next day and again on the 1st Jan. It will end up at New Bridge on the evening of the 1st ready for its road move to the GCR on the 3rd. I'll be splitting the engine and tender on the 2nd if anyone would like to join me. Just e-mail me if you want to come along or if you want to come to Grosmont and help to clean the loco on the morning of either of its working days.



Friday 20th December 2019


Ian Pearson, Les Harper and I had a mixed day with the K1's steam test yesterday.

On the down side a fizz on one of the smoke box tube plate washout plugs meant that we could not get to full working pressure and test/reset the safety valves.

We did however have enough steam to carry out a function test on everything else, all of which proved to be satisfactory. Whilst the defective plug was disappointing the overall result was not too bad considering the amount of work undertaken since the loco was last steamed.

We were also able to continue filling/preparing the repaired areas to the back of the tender tank, clean the Q6's pistons ready for transporting and had another look at how to remove the Q6's regulator rod. In this regard we found that the crank will not pass through the intermediate regulator rod bracket within the boiler so, in order to remove the rod either the crank will have to come off the rod or the bracket will have to be removed - both cases much easier said than done!

Over the next few days the planned work on the K1 will be as follows;

  1. Tomorrow evening I will go and drain the boiler (it will not be cool enough before then).
  2. On Sunday I will remove the offending plug and do what is necessary to sort it out, refill the boiler and light a warming fire.
  3. On Monday we will carry out a further steam test and test/adjust the safety valves.
  4. The boiler insurance hot exam is booked for Tuesday.

If all goes to plan we might have Wednesday off but the loco will be back in steam next Friday for a light engine test run up the bank to see how the new white metal on the cross heads settled in. If all goes well we then hopefully bank a train to Goathland. The loco should then be available for NYMR service up to and including 01/01/20.


Saturday 30th November 2019


There were working parties both days last weekend at Grosmont. 5 of us there on Saturday and 4 on Sunday.

All of the work carried out was on the K1 and included dressing the weld repairs recently carried out to the rear of the tender tank, completing the back head valve exam, completing preparing the cylinders and cylinder covers for refitting, preparing the piston packing assemblies for refitting, removing all tender brake linkage pins, examining all pins and bushes and refitting pins (other than one pin where an associated bush was missing) and making a start on refitting the mud hole doors (including refurbishing the seats in two of them).


Saturday 23rd November 2010


A satisfactory day at Grosmont today with 9 of us there for most of the day.

The RH connecting rod was removed from the Q6 and the clearances of both little end pins checked.

On the K1 we continued changing the defective roof stay nuts (only 7 left to do now) serviced the LH drain cocks and both rear cylinder relief valves (the left leading has also been started) refitted the remetalled LH cross head, die pen tested the stuffing box end of the regulator rod (found to be ok) progressed the annual maintenance of both clack boxes including recutting both steam valve seats, adjusted the ashpan rear hopper door linkage, prepared the back of the tender tank for seal welding (where minor leaks have occurred to previously repaired areas) and measured the RH slide bar in connection with the ongoing repairs to the RH cross head (some minor fracturing has been welded and the top slipper, which is very worn and fractured, is being replaced).

The next working party will be on Wednesday then both days next weekend. We need to progress the work on both the Q6 and K1 over the next few weeks so please come and join us if you can.


Saturday 9th November 2019


A satisfactory couple of days on the Q6 and K1 last weekend. 9 of were there on Saturday and 10 on Sunday. Saskia, Kenny Morrison and Nigel Dyson deserve a special mention as they travelled a long way to spend both days working with us.

Work continued on removing the steam pipes from the Q6's smoke box. By Sunday afternoon removal of the spark arrestor had been completed the LH steam pipe had been removed and a good start had been made on the RH. In addition both cylinder covers had been removed as has the steam brake isolating valve.

On the K1 the boiler insurance and main line cold exams had been carried out on Friday, neither of which raised any unexpected issues. Following the exams the safety valves were serviced and reassembled. They were refitted on Saturday.

Other work carried out to the K1 over the weekend included splitting removing and cleaning the pistons and crossheads on both sides (the crossheads have since been dropped off at M Machine, Darlington for white metaling and machining) valve liners and steam chests de-carboned and cleaned, piston valve heads and rings de-carboned, cleaned, reassembled and refitted, both cylinder bores cleaned, tender drained, washout plugs refitted, gauge frames reassembled, regulator handle removed, tender brake tables cleaned, pressure gauges removed and throat plate mud hole openings prepared for welding (to be undertaken by Mark O'Brien). A start was also made on changing the 31 roof stay nuts requiring replacement.


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