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K1 Blog

A blog of activities associated with the K1 62005.

1st March 2021


We had working parties on Wednesday and Thursday (Angie and me working on the K1 both days) and Saturday (Angie, Mike B, Scott M and me on the K1).

Over the 3 days the following work was undertaken:

  1. Annual service of blower valve completed and refitted.
  2. 5 hornstay bolt holes on driving wheel set reamed true and new bolts fitted to 4 of them. 3 more holes to ream and 4 bolts to fit.
  3. Reaming of tender brake piston and con rod little end holes started.
  4. Both cylinders cleaned internally, cover studs cleaned and sealing faces prepared for refitting.
  5. Both driver's side injector intermediate air ministry joints split (joints to be remade).
  6. Steam chest pressure gauge supply pipe annealed, front section refitted, union fittings removed from intermediate section - to be replaced with new fittings.
  7. Two cracks to the rear of tender tank welded and filled - further filling and painting to be progressed this week (weather permitting).
  8. Building up (with weld) of thin areas of the smokebox door sealing ring completed.
  9. New baffle plate trimmed to correct profile/shape.

24th February 2021


Steady progress has been made with the K1 with working parties on Thursday (ex junior Scott Middlemiss, Angie and me) and Satuday (Scott, Rolly (who drove over from Morecambe) Mike B and me). The following work was undertaken over the two days:

  1. Both driving wheel set springs removed.
  2. Driving wheelset spring hangers, hanger bolts, Spencer blocks and hornstay areas thoroughly cleaned.
  3. All driving wheelset hornstay bolt split pins removed.
  4. Weld repairs to smokebox door seal ring started (to complete this week).
  5. Annual service of blower valve started (to complete this week).
  6. R.T. under keep tray drain pipework reassembled and braised in to position following weld repair to the tray (by Flavells). Tray refitted.
  7. Both little end pins die pen tested (both ok).
  8. Drivers side injector overflow pipe removed, fractured braise to elbow/flange repaired and pipe refitted.
  9. Steam chest pressure gauge feed pipe removed for repair (frost damage). Repair and refitting to be carried out this week.
  10. Primary screen removed from smoke box.
  11. Fire hole bottom protector plate removed.
  12. Drivers side injector pipework clips and brackets removed ahead of remaking the intermediate air ministry joints.

In addition to the above, JP joined us on Thursday afternoon to progress the electrical work on the coach.


Tuesday 18th February 2021


We had three days working on the K1 last week and one day on the J27

Thursday’s working party was Mike B, Angie and me, Friday’s was Chris H, Angie and me and we were joined in the afternoon by JP who came to progress the new lighting system in the coach. Other then JP’s work on the coach both days were spent on the K1.  Friday and Saturday in particular were very cold – if it got above freezing it did not feel like it!

The work on the locos undertaken over the three days was:

  1. Both crossheads/pistons split
  2. Pistons removed, cleaned and rings removed.
  3. Pistons loaded into company van – piston rods to be ground true.
  4. Both trailing loco brake pull rods removed, cleaned and loaded into my van (they won’t fit in the company van). The adjuster threads are to be refurbished and one bush is to be replaced.
  5. Annual service completed to drain cocks.
  6. Smokebox door seal removed and channel cleaned.
  7. Tender brake piston removed - Con rod little end pin holes to be bushed.
  8. Crosshead clearances checked
  9. Leading side rods moved from Dev shed to NYMR machine shop where the leading bushes are to be replaced by the NYMR.

Some of these jobs took longer than usual because of the extreme cold. The oxy gear was in regular use gently warming many components up before they could be safely worked upon. Even so, when the pistons were removed the rings were frozen into the groves and the piston packings were full of ice as were the drain cock valves.


Saturday 6th February 2021


A small working party of six carried out a few jobs on the J27 and K1 on Saturday. At the same time an even smaller working party of one made a start on sorting the coach lighting out.

62005 back in Deviation Shed on 4 February 2021 - Ian Pearson

Dr Pearson (the split pin king) took our temperatures to start with, following which the cylinder covers were removed from the J27 and the side rods and cylinder covers were removed from the K1 with all side rod bush clearances being checked as we went along. The K1's tender tank was also drained.

In addition the long awaited lighting upgrade was started on the coach. This is being carried out by John Paul Venus (JP) who volunteered to do the job in a moment of weakness. In short both the 240v and 24v lighting systems, including all existing wiring, are to be largely removed and replaced with a new 24v system with modern LED fittings. The batteries are also being replaced as is the charger. The new one will be a conditioning charger which will maintain the batteries rather than boiling them dry.

The 240v sockets will be left as they are for now but we are considering fitting an inverter for charging mobile phones etc while we are on the move.

When JP has finished the electrical work we aim to replace the roof lining and carry out a few joinery repairs in the coach kitchen before repainting the kitchen walls and floor. While I don't expect to be trampled in the rush, anyone wanting to get involved in this work would be more than welcome.


K1 arrives at Grosmont


The K1 arrived safely at Grosmont on time yesterday evening.

K1 at Hellifield after taking water on way to York - Psaul Hutchinson

I will be going back on Thursday to dispose and make a start on the winter maintenance work to be carried out at Grosmont and I will certainly be there on Saturday. From the beginning of next week I will be there 3-4 days a week until the work has been completed.

62005 approaching York Station at lunchtime on 1 February. 2021 - Chris Lawson


23rd January 2021


K1 in the snow at Carnforth on 23th January 2021 - Paul Hutchinson

Since the last update the loco and coach have been successfully UAT'd (last Tuesday) and we have had one further working party (last Saturday) to refit the cladding sheet removed to facilitate the throat plate repair, tap a washout plug hole that, while steam tight, wept when cold and attended to a few other minor matters.

We were greeted with a covering of snow when we arrived on Saturday, as shown on the attached photo. This was taken as we started to drain the boiler. Tom Dibbs and Angie (just visible next to the coach) are in the process of sorting the drain hose out.

I am going back over tomorrow to refill the boiler and finish off a few minor jobs and I have requested a move, for the engine and coach, from Carnforth to Grosmont. I hope that this will be confirmed tomorrow, following which I will contact all those who offered their services to support the move.

We will start this winter's maintenance as soon as the engine gets back to Grosmont with a view to having it ready to enter NYMR service, with annual mainline certification complete, for the end of March. It is then hoped to do a couple of weeks running before we head North, probably on the 19th or 20th April. Our first Jacobite is on 25th April.


16th December 2020


Last night we received final approval from our insurers to proceed with the K1’s throat plate repair.

The weld repair will therefore be carried out by Flavells on Friday. The insurance annual cold exam was undertaken last week without issue. Rich Pearson and I started boxing the boiler back up yesterday and I will finish this on Friday while the welding is being done.

The plan from there is to NDT the repair early next week but as Carnforth depot will be effectively shut down for Christmas from this Friday lunchtime it will not be possible to move the loco to Grosmont until early January. I have therefore, in order to reduce the risk of frost damage over the Christmas period, decided to delay the hydraulic and steam tests on the repair (and insurance hot exam) until the first week of January.


15th January 2021


I am pleased to say that hydraulic and steam tests of the throat plate repair and the annual insurance hot exam have now been satisfactorily completed.

The hydraulic was carried out on Wednesday and the steam test yesterday (the original plan had been to do these last week but they had to be postponed). Many thanks to Mike Bloomfield and Ashley Moore who joined me for the hydraulic and steam tests, both of which were carried out in very cold and wet conditions. Fortunately, despite our worries about not being able to get back over the Pennines last night our journey home was uneventful.

I hope to be able to advise of the date for the move to the NYMR shortly. Many thanks to all who have offered to be involved in this - I will be back in touch as soon as the date has been confirmed.


23rd December 2020


The weld repair to the K1's throat plate has now been completed. The procedure took a little longer than anticipated but was completed on Monday.

The repair was satisfactorily mag particle and ultrasonically tested yesterday. The boiler has also been boxed up ahead of the hydraulic test for the repair which will be undertaken early in the new year (the insurance company hydraulic booked for 6th Jan (and the steam test on the 8th)). As the hydraulic is to be full working pressure, the safety valves have been replaced with blanks for now.


15th November 2020


Unfortunately the K1’s move from Carnforth to Grosmont scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled as I failed the loco this morning with a fracture on the right hand side of the throat plate. This is surprising as the throat plate was extensively ultrasonically tested when the boiler was out of the frames over the winter of 18/19.

The plan from here is to discuss the principle of repair with our boiler insurance company tomorrow and Tuesday with a view to draining the boiler and removing the boiler cladding adjacent to the affected area on Wednesday and investigating the extent of the fracture by appropriate testing on Thursday. Assuming our insurers agree to the principle of repair, a detailed repair procedure will then have to be agreed before any remedial work can take place.


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