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K1 Blog

A blog of activities associated with the K1 62005.

Saturday 20th April 2019


Not a bad week on the K1 at Carnforth last week. 6 of us there on Wednesday, 3 on Thursday and Friday and 4 on Saturday.

All of the superheater elements have been fitted as have the external ejector exhaust pipe, the hot water washout valve and the ash pan doors and linkage. The boiler bands have been fitted, following painting where needed. The new diaphragm plate has been painted ready for fitting but unfortunately some of the holes need to be opened out a little before this can be done. In addition the draw bar and safety links have been painted and fitted to the tender.

Refitting the cab fittings and pipework has progressed but not by as much as I would have liked. Having said that the only substantial item left to fit is the injector pipework.

West Coast's coded welder has progressed the fabrication of the new steam pipes. The completion of the steam pipes will influence when the loco goes into the paint shop - i.e. it may be beneficial to put the loco in to the paint shop before the steam pipes are ready for fitting if they are going to be very much longer.

West Coast have also just about finished the painting work on the tender with only the emblems, applied at the back end of last week, are to varnish/lacquer.

As I am sure many of you are aware the loco shed at Fort William has now been demolished under DB's instruction. The pit is however still available for use. I am currently in discussion with various people about pit drainage and water supply and will ensure that the appropriate arrangements are in place for our use by the time we get to Fort William.



Saturday 13th April 2019


Another satisfactory week at Carnforth last week.

All lagging and cladding is now on (except for the boiler bands) the cab is on and bolted down, the hand rails are fitted and good progress has been made with the back head fittings and pipework.

West Coast have made a start on the new steam pipes - the pipes, as supplied by us, are now cut and tacked together complete with flanges and bosses and are in the process of being welded by West Coast's coaded welder. West Coast have also repainted the tender which is due to be lined out today.

Whilst we are making good progress we need a big push over the next 10 days to get the loco into a steamable condition.


Saturday 6th April 2019


Another satisfactory week on the K1's at Carnforth. 3 of us there on Wednesday, 5 on Thursday, 4 on both Friday and Saturday.

The boiler is now back in the frames, the lift went very smoothly. The only down side is that we did not get as much of the lagging and cladding on as we would have liked before the lift. We have however pressed on with this since. Most of the lagging is now in place and we should finish this and have all of the cladding back on before next weekend.

Other work done since the lift is fitting all of the saddle bolts, replacing the smoke box concrete, refitting both clack boxes, the gauge frames, the TPWS driver's control unit/speedo bracket, tea tray, slacker valve and graduable steam brake valve. In addition the 'J' pipe, now repaired, has been refitted. As the removal and refitting of the 'J' pipe required the regulator rod and stuffing box pulling back, this gave us the opportunity to die pen the end of the rod. No flaws were detected.

Working parties this week will be on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The plan is to get the regulator back in, finish the lagging and cladding, fit the manifold and cab and replace as much of the back head fittings and pipework as we can. As the loco is not currently on a pit refitting the hopper doors etc will have to wait for now.

In addition to the work we will be undertaking this week, West Coast will start fabricating the new steam pipes.



Saturday 31st Marrch 2019


A satisfactory week at Carnforth last week.

3 of us there on Tuesday evening and Wednesday, 5 on Thursday, 4 on Friday and Saturday.

While we had a late finish on Tuesday we did get the boiler lit up (at 23:30) which enabled the steam test to proceed over Wednesday and Thursday. This went very well with no problems that could not be dealt with at the time. The boiler is now scheduled to be reunited with the frames on Thursday this week.

After the steam test the boiler cooled very quickly (no lagging) so on Saturday, we were able to drain it, remove the bottom doors and plugs, the hot water washout valve and studs and the grate in preparation for Thursday's lift. The steam pipe blank and manifold boss blank have also been removed.

In addition to the work on the boiler the spray pipes have been refitted to the ash pan and the ash pan fixing cotters have been made. We have also glossed the inside of all of the boiler and back head cladding sheets - the cladding was shot blasted both sides last week (we immediately primed the inside faces and West Coast primed the outside faces (with two pack primer)).

On the frames we have done a bit more cleaning, completed the fitting and securing the side rods and motion - in best Grosmont report tradition the little end nuts were tightened to torque setting DFT using a flogging spanner and a big hammer.

A new TPWS direction switch has been fitted (with a length of flexible conduit being replaced in the process) the sands delivery and steam pipes have been refitted as have the leading sands filler pipes - this included the replacement of one sheared stud (the replacement being kindly donated by one of West Coasts scrap class 47s).

This week working parties will be on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The aim on Wednesday is to fit as much lagging and cladding as we can before the boiler lift on Thursday. After the lift we need to crack on with the reassembly as time is most certainly not on our side.


Saturday 23rd March 2019


Since my last report we have worked 7 days and 3 evenings on the K1 at Carnforth with volunteer numbers ranging from 1 to 5.

In short the roof stay nut replacement and header prep are complete, the boiler is now upright and is more or less ready for steam test (I intend to light it up on Tuesday evening).

The "J" pipe is still away for repair so the steam test will be carried out with the steam pipe blanked off - West Coast have made us a blank for this purpose.

The ashpan is now ready for refitting although we will put some of the spray pipe work back in before it is reunited with the boiler as this will be easier to do before.

The RH coupling rods are back up and the tender front repaint has progressed. The draw bar, now returned from the forge after straightening, has been temporarily refitted as the tender will be moved this week.

This week, as well as the steam test, we are hoping to complete the refitting of the side rods and motion, refit both leading sands filler pipes (they were removed to facilitate the riveting work carried out by West Coast earlier in the year) and possibly complete the painting work on the front of the tender.


Saturday 16th March 2019


Just a brief update this week.

The last few days could have been better for the K1. While we have essentially finished the painting of the coupled wheels and frames and all but completed the replacement of the defective roof stay nuts, we found that the leak on the "J" pipe/steam pipe joint was due to a fracture in the "J" pipe. While this can be repaired it will have to be sent away. As it may save time by dropping the "J" pipe off for repair (to Derbyshire) if any one is available to do this on Monday or Tuesday next week then I would be very grateful to hear from you. The company car will be available for this If needed.

In addition to the problem with the "J" pipe the trial fitting of the ash pan revealed far more distortion than we anticipated. This distortion is not due to the work we have recently carried out but can only be attributable to the stress imposed upon it while in use. While it was not apparent at the time, the ash pan must have "relaxed" as it was released from the foundation ring.

The solution has been to effectively cut the ash pan in two. We did this yesterday and now have a satisfactory fit to the foundation ring. There is now, however, a one inch gap to fill between the front and middle hoppers.

In view of the delays caused and the additional work generated by the problems outlined above, coupled with the fact that we are already well behind schedule, there will be working parties every day except Friday next week. Other than possibly being needed to take the "J" pipe for repair the company car should be available if required.


Saturday 9th March 2019


Decent progress at Carnforth last week. One of us there Tuesday and Wednesday (increased to 2 late afternoon each day) five on Thursday, two on Friday, 4 on Saturday (boosted to 8 for an hour or two after the PTS course had finished) and 3 on Sunday.

After last week's successful hydraulic test the boiler was drained and prepared to be lifted onto it's side. This involved removing one or two bits so that nothing got damaged as the boiler went over. West Coast over saw the lift on Wednesday. This was done after the hired crane had reunited Scots Guardsman's boiler and frames. Our lift was straight forward and was completed early afternoon.

Since then all of the 60 defective roof stay nuts have been removed and about half replaced. The ash pan securing pins have all been cleaned ready for trial fitting of the refurbished ashpan, a start has been made on preparing the header for refitting the elements and the dome cover has been removed so that we can remove the "J" pipe (it was evident that the "J" pipe/steam pipe joint had a minor leak when we did the hydraulic tests).

Away from the boiler we have drilled the fixing holes in the new ash pan top flange. Six of these will need to be slotted before the ash pan is trial fitted later this week. Further progress has been made with the seemingly endless job of painting the coupled wheels and frames (only the top coat on the RH driving and trailing coupled wheels and a few bits of detail to do now) the tender front repaint is progressing after completion of a platework repair to the bulkhead, the injector flanges have been prepared for reassembling the injector pipe work and a start has been made on making the new gaskets we will need for the boiler and back head fittings.

Working parties this week will be on Tuesday afternoon/evening, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The aim this week is to trial fit the ash pan, finish the boiler work so that it can be lifted upright and steam tested next week, finish painting the RH coupled wheels, refit the coupling and con rods and to carry on with the reassembly prep (making gaskets, annealing pipework etc). The boiler cladding sheets are also due to be shot blasted by a contractor this week. We will need to get a coat of primer on to these as soon as they have been shot blasted.


Saturday 2nd March 2019


A pretty good week on the K1 at Carnforth last week. 3 of us there on Tuesday and Wednesday and 5 each day on Thursday and Saturday.

The priority for the week was to get the boiler boxed up and hydraulic tested. This was achieved and witnessed by our insurance company and John Graham (as independent examiner).

Other work included continuing with painting the frames and tender front, refitting the mechanical lubricator linkage, the back valve covers and combination levers and continuing with the refurbishment of the ashpan. Other than drilling the fixing holes in the new top flange the ash pan is now ready for trial trial fitting.

In addition to their involvement in the hydraulic, West Coast have carried out repairs to some of the cladding sheets this week. This was work that I had hoped that we would undertake but, unfortunately we just don't have the time.

Now that the hydraulic has been successfully completed the boiler will be turned on to it's side (scheduled for Wednesday this week week). This will enable the ash pan to be trial fitted and give easier access to the header, for preparation prior to to refitting the elements, and for replacement of a number of roof stay nuts.

While we had a good week last week we are still well behind schedule.


Saturday 23rd February 2019


Three of us each day for Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday last week.

Work included removing the regulator, partially boxing the boiler up and progressing painting of the loco wheels, frames (LH just about completed) and tender front.

In addition the ash pan refurbishment is now almost to the point where it can be trial fitted (just a bit of tidying up and drilling the holes in the new flange plates).

Working parties this week at Carnforth will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. The first priority will be finishing the boxing up so that we can get some water in the boiler. As usual the company car should be available if required.

We are currently about two and a half weeks behind our "worst case" programme so we will certainly be spending more of the Groups money to pay West Coast to do work we could do ourselves. To keep this to a minimum please come and join us.


Saturday 16th February 2019


Reasonable progress on the K1's at Carnforth last week given the poor turn out for the week day working parties. 2 of us on Wednesday, 2 on Thursday but one ill so effectively only 1, 2 on Friday but 8 on Saturday.

As we arrived on Wednesday, West Coast had just reunited the leading wheel set with the frames. This meant that we could complete the refitting by replacing the hornstays and springs inc all securing. Other work included stripping down, cleaning and lapping in both safety valves ready for insurance co inspection, cleaning all mud hole doors and door openings ready for inspection, cleaning and tapping where necessary all washout plug holes, removing the dome cover (so that the regulator can be removed and the 'J' pipe blanked off ahead of the hydraulic test) applying the first coat of gloss to the driving and trailing coupled wheels on the loco's LHS, more cleaning between the frames, trial fitting the back head cladding following the repair work already carried out and to identify further improvement/repair work, painting of various brackets, further preparation and priming of the tender front and further preparation of the RHS of the frames.

The refurbishment of the ash pan progressed to a point where the door linkage could be trial fitted and the operation of the doors satisfactorily tested.

West Coast completed fitting the new tubes early in the week and are now well on with expanding. They also had all of the patch screws for the top mud hole doors doubling plate repair in place by the end of the week. The tubing and repair work should be completed this week.

Owing to a severe back log of urgent work at home there will only be working parties on 3 days this week, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Our boiler insurance inspector is coming to examine the boiler on Thursday, following which we should be able to box the boiler up for our initial hydraulic test. It is also crucial that we progress the painting of the frames which should ideally be completed before we refit the side rods and motion. A good turn out on all days would therefore be very much appreciated.


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