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K1 Blog

A blog of activities associated with the K1 62005.

Saturday 9th February 2019


Slow but steady progress on the K1 at Carnforth last week. Only 1 in attendance on Tuesday and 3 for Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

We managed to finish preparing the tube plates for fitting the small tubes and following John Graham's final pre tubing exam on Thursday, West Coast started fitting the new tubes on Friday. I had hoped that we could do much of the retubing work but I am having to leave this job entirely to West Coast owing to our poor mid week attendances.

We also managed to get the second coat of gloss on to LH side of the frames and part of the RH but unfortunately some of this will need to be done again as the paint went curiously lumpy towards the end of the job. Progress was however made with preparing the back half of the RH frames and the vac tank from between the frames has been glossed along with its brackets.

The new cones for the drivers side injector have now been fitted and further progress has been made with the ash pan. The ash pan job, done almost exclusively by Steve Gibson, is now nearing completion.

In addition to starting the retubing, West Coast are currently completing the repairs around the top mud hole doors.

Away from Carnforth Neil Smedley has completed the refurbishment of the front cab windows - they look great. Just hope we can get the rest of the engine to the same standard. Refurbishment of the graduable steam brake valve and diaphragm case has also been completed.

This week there will be working parties on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We are currently behind programme. It is not too late to pull it back without paying others to do work we can do ourselves provided our mid week attendances improve.


Saturday 2nd February 2019


Not the best 4 days on the K1's at Carnforth last week despite there being 11 of us there on Saturday (only 3 of us on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday though).

Whilst we did not achieve everything as planned, we still managed to gap the RH piston packings (the LH being done a couple of weeks ago) shim and refit both cross heads, refit both sets of piston packings, clean the cab area and refit the repainted vacuum tank, carry out further cleaning between the frames, de-scale the and prime the brackets for the vacuum tank from between the frames, dress/prep the leading coupled axle hornstay bolts for refitting, progress the ash pan refurbishment, progress the preparation of both tube plates for fitting the new small tubes, apply the first coat of gloss to the LH side of the frames and RH as far back as the driving wheel set and continue preparing the RH driving and trailing coupled wheels and adjacent frames for repainting.

The plan had been to get the second and final coat of gloss on to the frames but as the temperature hardly got above freezing this was not possible. We also ran out of time to finish preparing the tube plates - this now has to be done in the next few days as fitting the small tubes must start this coming week.

The weld repairs to the boiler have now been NDT'd and found to be free from defect. The flues and steam pipes have also been thickness tested. While the flue s are fine the steam pipes are too thin for further service and will therefore be replaced (this has been budgeted for).

West Coast have now finished caulking the new stays and loose running plate rivets.

Progress on the various bits at Hopetown has been reported elsewhere so I will not repeat it here.


Saturday 26th January 2019


Steady progress on the K1's at Carnforth last week. 2 of us on Wednesday, 4 on Thursday, 3 on Friday and 5 on Saturday.

Again our main effort was around on with painting the frames but we also reassembled the axleboxes following completion of the re-metaling and machining by West Coast and continued with refurbishing the ash pan. Repainting the two vacuum tanks also progressed, the tank out of the cab is now completed and ready for refitting but the other one (from between the frames) is only in primer at present.

We also made new shims for the cross heads and removed the remaining rivets which were to be replaced on the frames - the new rivets have now been fitted by West Coast. There are half a dozen running plate rivets still to caulk (should be done on Monday) following which there should be nothing to stop us from completing painting the frames.

On the boiler we have made a good start on preparing the tube plates for fitting the new small tubes, West Coast have completed caulking the new stays on the outer wrapper/back head and have made a start on the inner box. The coaded welder completed the weld repairs on Saturday so I will be arranging to get the welds none destructive tested as soon as possible.

Away from Carnforth Steve Gibson refurbished the ash pan centre hopper door bracket/bearings and a start was made on painting the mech lub drive linkage.

This week there will be working parties on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. The main aims for the week are to have the painting finished to the loco frames, at least as far back as the driving wheel set (this will enable the leading wheel set to be refitted next week) to shim the cross heads and to finish preparing the tube plates for the new tubes.


Satrurday19th January 2019


4 satisfactory days on the K1 last week. 3 of us there on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday and 4 on Sunday.

Most of our time was spent on preparing/painting the frames and the two vacuum tanks removed last week plus further progress with the ash pan and cleaning between the frames. We also finished needle gunning the LH cylinder, gapped the LH piston packings and removed most of the rivets that are to be replaced from the top stretcher on the LH side. We will remove the spring hanger bracket rivets that are to be replaced this week.

West Coast have now completed the re-metaling and machining work to the leading coupled axleboxes one of them was "blued in" yesterday. The other one is likely to be done this week (if it hasn't been done today). The leading wheelset will therefore be ready to go back in very shortly but it will have to wait until the loose rivets in the leading wheel set area of the frames have been replaced (should be this week) and the frames have been painted.

On the boiler, West Coast started caulking the new stay heads over (until the compressor broke down) the 14 patch screws replacing the wasted door plate rivets have been fitted and the weld repairs to the throat plate bosses have been completed by the coaded welder. The remaining weld repairs should be done this week.

The new boiler tubes arrived today and while they will not start going in for a week or so there is plenty of preparation work to be getting on with.


Saturday 12th January 2019


We worked 4 days at Carnforth last week, with 10 of us there on Sunday! On the wheels/frames we progressed with the painting of the LH side of the frames, put a second cost of gloss on the leading coupled wheel set, removed the RH back valve cover to improve access to the frames for painting, removed the split pins from the brake hanger brackets to improve access for cleaning and painting, needle gunned the LH cylinder and removed both vacuum reservoir tanks for cleaning, examination and painting (one of them is now in undercoat).

Further progress was made with the refurbishment of the ash pan which has now been turned over so that we can access the hoppers and doors. The front of the tender has been needle gunned in readiness for repair and painting and on the boiler the foundation ring has been cleared of debris, including the removal of the old stays.

Ian Story called in to Carnforth on Thursday and dropped of the refurbished mechanical lubricator drive linkage (many thanks Ian). The linkage is now at Hopetown for repainting.

West Coast completed fitting the 69 new stays yesterday and 14 wasted steel rivets on the door plate/lower sides lap have been removed and tapped for fitting of replacement patch screws.

Away from Carnforth a replacement steam valve/pilot valve has been fitted to the graduable steam brake and at Hopetown further cleaning has been carried out to the valves and the painting of the sand pipes has progressed.


Saturday 5th January 2019


Hi and Happy New Year to you all.

Not a bad few days on the K1 since my last report. The LH side of the frames have largely been prepared for painting. We had to take more of the frames back to bare metal than anticipated but these areas have now received several coats of filler primer and are now just about ready for undercoat. There will however be a slight delay in applying this as we have found a number of loose rivets to the front stretcher plate and spring hanger brackets which will need to be replaced before painting can progress. There are also some loose rivets on the rear stretcher plate to replace but we already knew about these.

Further cleaning has been done to the RH side of the frames and the stretcher plates and spring hanger rivets checked - only one to change on the RH as opposed to a total of 12 on the LH. The leading coupled wheelset has also been prepared for its second coat of gloss.

The last of the new hornstay bolts have been satisfactorily trial fitted and the RH back sand pipe which had sheared at the flange has been repaired, trial fitted/adjusted and dropped off at Hopetown for painting.

Good progress has been made with the ashpan, the whistle has been serviced and reassembled and the last of the valve rings have been cleaned. In addition West Coast have now started to fit the new side stays.

While we are getting quite a lot done we do need to step up the pace if the engine is to be ready for this season's planned work. We will now be working 4 days a week at Carnforth until the job is done. This week there will be working parties on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. As usual the company car should be available for anyone wanting to attend from the Teesside/Darlington area.


Saturday 22nd December 2018


Another satisfactory week on the K1 at Carnforth. Only two of us there on Wednesday and Thursday mornings but three on Wednesday afternoon and five on Saturday.

The leading coupled wheelset is now in its first coat of gloss, more cleaning of the frames has been undertaken in preparation for painting (the loco brake blocks have also been removed to give better access to the frames for this purpose) a small weld repair has been carried out to the LH cylinder cladding, the atomisers have had new mixing jets fitted and further progress has been made with the ash pan repair.

During the week West Coast have almost completed the side stay removal. The 69 stays should be replaced early in the new year.

Away from Carnforth preparing and painting the sand pipes is progressing, Arthur has finished the new conical washers and Neil Smedley has ordered the new glass of the cab front windows.

This week there will only be one working party at Carnforth. This will be on Friday 28th Dec. We will however need to step up to regular 4 day working parties early in the new year. In the first week we will, however, stick to the Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday routine.

If you are willing and able to help on any of the above mentioned days I would be grateful if you would let me know by text on 07964988551. It would be good to see some "new" faces in the new year and we do need the extra help.

As this is the last weekly report I will do this year I would like to thank anyone who has worked for the Group in any capacity during 2018 and in particular, as K1 caretaker, many thanks to anyone who has worked on the K1.

Merry Christmas and a happy 2019 to you all.


Saturday 15th Decenbere 2018


Another satisfactory week at Carnforth last week. 3 of us there on Wednesday and Thursday and 4 on Saturday.

The loco went over the wheel drops on Wednesday morning to allow the leading coupled wheelset to be removed. Various dimensions were checked with the axleboxes still on the wheelset, following which they were removed, stripped down, further measurements taken and the condition of the white metal checked.

While the wear in the crowns is not significant there is some fracturing of the white metal adjacent to the thrusts. In addition both boss faces require building up to reduce lateral movement. In the circumstances the white metal will be replaced on both boxes. The work required has been budgeted for and should be completed by the middle of January.

Following removal of the axleboxes, the wheelset has been thoroughly cleaned and a good start made on rubbing down for repainting.

On the frames reaming the horn stay bolt holes needing attention is essentially complete. The replacement bolts should be ready for trial fitting this week. Work has also continued on the ashpan with some of the replacement plate work now tacked into place.

During the week West Coast started removing stays from the firebox which meant that washing the boiler out had to wait until Saturday - a lovely job to do in the freezing wind and rain but it had to be done.

This coming week there will be working parties on Wednesday and Thursday (morning only) and Saturday. Work will continue with the ashpan and prep/painting the leading coupled wheelset and frames.


Saturday 1st December 2018


Not a bad week on the K1 at Carnforth last week with 2 of us there Wednesday and Thursday and 4 on Saturday.

On the boiler all of the small tubes have now been removed and the heads of the side stays that are to be replaced have also been removed. West Coast are due to start the stay replacement this week.

The loco frames have received more attention with the all connecting and coupling rod bush clearances being checked (and all found to be suitable for further service) con rods and coupling rods removed, LH back valve cover removed and little end pins die pen tested (no flaws identified). 8 of the 16 valve rings have also been cleaned.

In addition we have now had the ash pan moved next to the coach and a start will be made on carrying out the necessary repairs very shortly.

Working conditions on Wednesday and Thursday in particular were difficult as storm Doris (or whoever is was) swept through. While this was no storm in a tea cup it was relatively insignificant compared with the difficulties caused by us running out of decent tea. Mutiny was only avoided because it is a bit difficult when there is only two of you and by a hasty trip to the Co-op. Lessons have however been learnt.

Elsewhere, work on cleaning the piston valve heads is progressing at Hopetown, Arthur has started making the new conical washers for the superheater element bridge pieces, Neil Smedley has collected the front cab windows to enable new glass to be ordered and fitted and the parts repaired and painted at Hopetown have now been collected and stored in the GUV at Carnforth.


Saturday 8th December 2018


Not a bad week on the K1 at Carnforth. Three of us there on Wednesday and Thursday and five on Saturday.

While we were there it hardly stopped raining so we concentrated on the loco frames which are under cover. The leading wheelset is now ready to come out, all of the sand pipes have been removed (and are to be dropped off at Hopetown for repainting) the cylinder cladding mounting bolt holes have all been tapped and replacement helicoils fitted where needed, the cylinder cladding has been trimmed to make it a better fit and the honing work required to the LH back valve liner has been started and just about completed. The fit of the hornstay bolts on the leading couple axle have also been checked. Two of them needed reaming through, one has been done so far and replacement bolts of the correct size fitting.

Between the "showers" on Saturday we also managed to make a start on the repair work to the ashpan (which is outside). The new steel required for this has now been ordered and will hopefully be ready for collection tomorrow.

Away from Carnforth cleaning of one of the piston valves had been completed and the manufacture of the new conical washers for the elements is progressing.


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