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K1 Blog

A blog of activities associated with the K1 62005.

Thursday 20th September 2018


I am pleased to report that 62005, our support coach, the co car and the support crew all found there way safely back to Carnforth on Monday.

We have hardly had the best of seasons with the K1 this year but on reflection it has still been worth the effort. Many thanks to everyone involved.

As I said in my last e-mail we aim to wash the boiler out and remove the concrete arch this coming Saturday. We could still do with a bit more help so anyone wanting to be involved would be most welcome - just e-mail me at this address or text/ring on 07964988551.

Now that I have retired I will be spending most of my time working on the K1 this winter. While we will probably settle into set days for working parties I am happy to be there pretty much to suit anyone else's availability so if you want to come over please let me know when and I will do my best to fit in. Notwithstanding this I will try and keep you updated on progress and of when full working parties are scheduled.

There will be much to do across a whole range of skill levels so please come along and join in if you can.


Thursday 13th September 2018


The K1 has almost finished its work on the Jacobite for this season - just two days to go as I type this e-mail. The loco and coach are due to return to Carnforth on Monday 17th Sept.

The loco's mainline certification comes to an end in January. Before the boiler can see any further service (anywhere) it must be removed from the frames in order to attend to the defective weld in the RH throat plate washout plug boss and to replace a number of copper stays in the fire area (the stays are sound but their heads are worn). As an alternative to carrying out a full and costly overhaul now the Committee has agreed to seek Group approval to extend the mainline certification for a further 3 years subject to the above mentioned repairs and the boiler otherwise being deemed fit for further service. You will receive further information on the proposal, including notice of the necessary Special General Meeting in the near future.

In the meantime, work preparing the locomotive for examination will start shortly after the loco returns to Carnforth. The first full working party will be on Saturday 22nd Sept with the aim of carrying out a boiler washout and removing the concrete arch.

If the Group approves the Committee's recommendation and following examination by our mainline certification body, the boiler is deemed to be fit for further service there will be much to do before we are return the loco to service so it is important that we get the boiler ready for inspection as quickly as possible. Your assistance on the 22nd and subsequent working parties, would therefore be most appreciated.


Mnday 18th June 2018


The K1 has satisfactorily completed its first week on the Jacobite.

The only problem of note with the locomotive was with the LH injector which was inconsistent in it's efficiency. This appears to have been much improved by replacing the 'O' ring on the combining cone.



Saturday 19th May 2018


Better news on the K1 in that as of yesterday afternoon we appear to have resolved the problems around the manifold boss.

The VAB and insurance exams are now to take place on Monday and following a test run to Hellefield and back the loco and coach should move to Fort William towards the end of next week (dates for test run and move North yet to be confirmed).

Before any of that we are weighing the loco and refitting the cab windows and seats tomorrow.

The paintwork to the front and sides of the cab still needs sorting out and the back of the tender needs another coat of black gloss. I am not sure when we will get this done but we will manage somehow - sleep is over rated anyway!


Monday 14th May 2018


The K1 was delivered back to Carnforth last Wednesday, it was reassembled over Wednesday afternoon and Thursday and steam tested on Friday. During this time a number of other minor repairs/improvements were also completed. It was good to joined by Steve Gibson during this time - welcome back Steve.

Unfortunately, whilst the seal weld to the front of the manifold boss was successful at the steam test the loco through another spanner into the works by developing a further leak adjacent to the back of the manifold boss. This was not apparent at the previous steam test or at the post welding hydraulic.

In view of the above the manifold was removed again over the weekend to facilitate further seal welding. Another steam test is now planned for Wednesday. The VAB and insurance functional/hot exams will follow later in the week (Friday subject to insurance co confirmation) and a test run to Hellefield and back and finally the positioning move to Fort William should take place next week.

Once we know that the problems around the manifold boss are sorted (hopefully at Wednesday's steam test) we can refit the cab windows and refurbished seats and complete the repaint of the top of the cab and the rear boiler cladding sheet. Following platework repairs the back of the tender is now also ready for a coat of gloss.


Saturday 5th May 2018


Angie and I have, this afternoon, returned from Tyseley where the K1's tyres have now been re-profiled on the wheel lathe at the West Midlands Trains' depot. The speedo bracket has also been refitted (removed to access the loco trailing wheelset centres for turning).

The engine and tender are due to be shunted back to Tyseley Loco Works on Tuesday where the speedo will be recalibrated, the engine and tender split and then loaded onto the low loaders for return to Carnforth.

As I have mentioned previously, there is no way we can get the engine ready and up to Fort William for what was to be our first week (the week commencing 14th May). We are, however, aiming to carry out our own steam test this coming Friday so the engine and tender must be reunited, the rods refitted and the boiler refilled by Thursday evening. With the engine and tender due to arrive back at Carnforth on Wednesday morning the big push to get ready for the steam test will be on Thursday (I will be going over on Tuesday evening to ensure that I am there when the engine returns and to set things up for Thursday).

If all goes well with our steam test we are looking to carry out the insurance and VAB hot exams on Tuesday the 15th, a Carnforth - Hellefield - Carnforth test run on the 17th or 18th (subject to West Coast's agreement) and the move up to Fort William on the 19th, again subject to West Coast's agreement.. Between our steam test and the insurance/VAB hot exam there is a lot to do, so we will need a full weekend's working party on the 12th/13th.

I have received some offers of help for some of the above (I will be in touch with those who have offered tomorrow) but more help is needed.


Saturday 28th April 2018


Frustrating times with the K1.

We have now done 3 NELPG steam tests but still have a problem with the manifold boss. This will now have to be partially seal welded to the outer wrapper. This will be done tomorrow.

It will then need a further NELPG steam test before we can arrange the VAB functional and insurance in-steam exams.

To complicate matters the engine and tender are due to go to Tyseley (by road) for tyre turning on Wednesday so it will not be possible to carry out the next NELPG steam test until it returns to Carnforth at the beginning of next week.

The result of all of this is that the loco's journey North is likely to be delayed until the week commencing 14th May - what was intended to be its first week on the Jacabite.

Clearly we are now paying for slipping so far behind programme over winter.

Mike B, Les H and I will be going back to Carnforth tomorrow to prepare the for the road move and to continue with a few outstanding jobs. There will however need to be a huge push to reassemble the engine and get it through its various tests and exams when it returns from Tyseley at the beginning of the week commencing 7th May. If you can assist with this in any way then I will be very pleased to hear from you.



Saturday 21st April 2018


Work continues to try and complete the K1. The loco has had one steam test which revealed several defects, most of which have now received attention.

The last working party was on Saturday when the concrete arch was installed, the cylinder cladding was refitted (a sod of a job) and a number of more minor tasks were completed. Great credit is due to Rolly, Chris Henwood, Mike Bloomfield and Les Harper who put in a long (11 hour) and gruelling shift with me to complete this work.

There will be another NELPG steam test tomorrow (Rolly is putting a warming fire in tonight) and the VAB and insurance functional/in steam exams are booked for Thursday. Following this a test/running in trip from Carnforth to Hellefield is planned for 30th April.

Unfortunately the engine and tender will have to go to Tyseley for tyre turning by road as Network Rail are not able to gauge the loco in time for a move by rail. This move is booked for 2nd May so the engine and tender will need to be split and the rods removed immediately after the test run on 30th April.

The engine and tender are due back to Carnforth from Tyseley on the 5th or 6th May (to be confirmed) following which they will need to be reassembled prior to the journey north.


Saturday 7th April 2018


We have made reasonable progress with the reassembly of the K1 over the last few days with a particularly good turn out of 8 on Saturday.

The cab and RH con rod were re-fitted at the end of last week and the tender put back into its wheels on Saturday. Many more minor jobs have also been undertaken but there is still a lot to do.

On a positive note our boiler insurance company carried out the annual cold exam on Monday with no issues to report.

I am going back over to Carnforth tomorrow with a view to reassembling the K1 to a point where it can be steamed on Sunday. Any help you can give would be most appreciated. The co car will be available so you can do as few, or as many days as you like.


Saturday 31st March 2018


Six of us worked on the K1 on Saturday and four on Sunday. Satisfactory progress was made.

The honing was completed and the RH back valve cover and valve were fitted. The valve gland and combination leaver are, however. still to fit. A start was also made on improving and repainting the cladding sheet that fits round the safety valve and whistle bosses and the tender frames were lightly rubbed down and given their second coat of gloss.

The I.D's to the new bushes for the union link pin in the RH crosshead and reverser catch were reamed to size and the reverser catch was then refitted. The end of the regulator rod was die pen tested and found to be in order.

The coupling rods to both sides were fitted after lining the cranks up and the LH con rod, return crank and eccentric rod were also refitted. All still need securing. The RH intermediate coupling rod bush and the LH big end had been re-metaled so both were trial fitted "dry" and clearances checked before being fitted (complete with new felts). A new felt has also been cut and soaked for the RH big end which has also been re-metaled.

There is still a huge amount of work to do and now that I have retired from my paid job I will be spending as much time as it takes to finish the K1 in time for its rostered work on the Jacobite. If you can help, at any time, then please let me know.


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