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K1 Blog

A blog of activities associated with the K1 62005.

Saturday 23rd December 2017


There were six of us in attendance at Carnforth on Saturday where me made steady progress.

The die blocks have now been refitted, honing of the valve liners is progressing and the cab windows have been removed in readiness for removal of the top of the cab.

We knocked off early for a pre Christmas pint which was taken in Kirby Stephen. We found this lovely little town seems to be let down by the distinct lack of a decent pub but we enjoyed it none the less.

There will be working parties this Saturday (30th Dec) and the full weekend of 6th and 7th Jan when you could do either day or both.


Saturday 30th December 2017


Happy New Year.

There were 3 of us at Carnforth for the last working party of 2017 on Saturday.

Progress with honing the valve liners continued and the cab removal prep work was completed (other than removal of the hand rails which have been left on until the last minute for safety reasons).

We are working both days this coming weekend, when the honing work will continue, the refurbished steam heat valve can be refitted and the tender will be jacked and packed to allow all axlebox brasses to be examined.

If you are able to come and join in, it would be good to see you. You could do either day or both. If you do both we will be going to Lancaster for food and a pint or two - most enjoyable last time.


Saturday 16th December 2017


Only 3 of us on Saturday but we made reasonable progress.

The top of the cab is now very nearly ready to be removed, the RH valve liners have been cleaned and measured (the LH having been done previously) cleaning of the LH piston has been completed and the piston head and cylinder bore measured - the piston is now at Flavells, Thornaby for remedial work.

In addition the cladding sheet around the safety valve and whistle bosses has been removed to allow the work involved in machining the faces of the bosses to be properly assessed costed and planned (this will take place in January).


Saturday 9th December 2017


I am pleased to say that we had a very good two days working on the K1 last weekend.

A good start was made on honing the valve liners, preparing the top of the cab for removal and cleaning the pistons. The sealing faces to the mud holes were cleaned, the manifold pipework removed, annealed and stored (other than the blower feed pipe - between the manifold and blower valve - which is getting a little thin and will be replaced) the steam heat valve was removed cleaned and stripped for repair and the clack boxes stripped and examined - other than replacing the steam valve heads and a little lapping in they are fine.

On Saturday evening we decided to dine out in Lancaster, just a short train ride from Carnforth. A lovely evening, fine beer and good food was had by all.

There will be another working party on Saturday when we will continue getting the top of the cab ready for removal and with the valve liner honing amongst other things.

If you would like to join us then please let me know by e-mail to this address or by text/ on phone 07964988551. If ringing on a weekday please do so after 18:30.

The first mid week working party will now be on Tuesday 19th Dec. If you would like to take part then please let me know as above.

The next full weekend working party will be on the 6th and 7th Jan 2018. I will mention this again nearer the time but I am sure you will all want to get it into your diaries now.



Saturday 2nd December 2017


We had a frustrating day on Saturday. Much less achieved that I had hoped.

There were 4 of us in attendance. The engine and tender had been split during a shunt mid-week so we were able to clean the front of the tender and remove the draw bar and safety links. The draw bar has come back to Teesside for straightening, shortening and NDT. We will NDT the pins at Carnforth.

The drain cocks were removed for servicing and cylinder cladding sheets have been removed to facilitate a thorough exam of steam pipes (parts of which are behind the cladding) and an exam of the cylinder castings. Other than that we had a short MIC on changing gauge frame packings and that was about it. Still I suppose we are further on than we would have been if we hadn’t gone!


Saturday 25th November 2017


Six of us went to Carnforth and had a satisfactory day working on the K1 yesterday.

There was an inch or two of snow over the Pennies but nothing to slow our progress on the A66 or K1 (the A66 is a road by the way - not a very advanced LNER pacific).

We managed to split both crossheads (the RH proving to be stubborn as usual but it decided to cooperate in the end) remove both cylinder covers, extract both pistons, finish cleaning the piston valves, remove the OTMR recorder (which will now be sent away for repair) disconnect the TPWS, remove the cab seats (so that they can be reupholstered) and prepare the gauge frames for inspection.

For anyone who may be changing any gauge frame packings in the future we noted during the gauge frame prep that the batch of PTFE gauge frame packings we are currently using are too long and partially block the passage through the cock when it is open. There maybe some of these packings at Grosmont and/or Hopetown so be very careful if you are fitting any of them. If any have already been fitted it will certainly be worth checking that they are OK.

There will be another working party on the K1 next Saturday when we aim to remove the back valve covers, de-carbon the valve liners/steam chest and start preparing the top of the cab for removal (this is necessary because we need to seal weld the manifold boss and this can not be done with the top of the cab, or the manifold in place). During the course of this week West Coast should start replacing the ashpan's centre hopper.


Saturday 18th November 2017


We had a pretty good day on Saturday.

There were 5 of us in attendance and we managed to change a few roof stay nuts, remove all of the rocking sections and side bearers of the grate in readiness for the ashpan repairs to be carried out by West Coast under contract, remove both expansion links and die blocks so that the condition of the die blocks could be properly assessed and remove the union links and combination levers.

In addition good progress was made in cleaning the piston valves. One side has been completed and the other 75% done.

We even managed to have our lunch, complete with mine pies sitting in the sun, the Grosmont crew can only dream of such luxury!

There will be another working party this Saturday when the main push will be getting the back valve covers off, the crossheads split and the pistons out.


Saturday 11th November 2017


We had a pretty good day on Saturday. 8 of us attended and the weather was kind to us. A couple of the lads even had their lunch sitting out side in the sun - I will have to put a stop to that before they get used to the idea and book a holiday to Benidorm.

Anyway, when half the crew weren't lying about in the sun or drinking tea, we managed to bring all of the heavy stuff (springs etc) off the tender top, get all con rod and side rod bush clearances measured, the rods off cleaned, stored and oiled for protection, all the gauges off and taken away for cleaning and recertification (they have since been cleaned), the flanges, slide bars and piston rods measured and 4 roof stay nuts replaced (only about 40 more to do!).

Not a bad effort given that the loco was reluctant to move (as it was sitting on an uneven joint on the wheel drop road) so the initial move in connection with dropping the rods off took us over half an hour rather than the anticipated 2ish minutes. We did, however, find a few minutes to go and look at Carnforth's new wheel lathe which is now very close to commissioning. It looks really good and as we will now be able to have the tyres turned at Carnforth, will save us many thousands in that there will be no transport costs and the actual turning job is likely be cheaper anyway. It will also remove the hassle of having to take the engine somewhere , dropping the rods off and putting them on again when the tyre turning is done.

There will be another working party on Saturday when the plan is to do a few more roof stay nuts, then completely remove the grate so that West Coast can replace the centre hopper and door on the ashpan under contract. We will also remove a few more things out of the smokebox, perhaps even an element or two.

Unfortunately, such was the demand to come to Carnforth on Saturday that I had to turn one prospective volunteer away. If you want to join us next week early booking is therefore highly recommended.


Saturday 4th November 2017


The lads had a good day on Saturday.

The blast pipe spark arrestor, safety valves and whistle were removed for servicing and in preparation for further work and the cleaning work inside the firebox ahead of the annual exam has almost been completed. The smokebox door seal has also been removed as have the cosmetic front cylinder covers, the side rod split pins an cotters and the draw bar pin split pins. The engine and tender are now ready to split.

There will be another working party on Saturday when we plan to remove the side rods (after checking all clearances in order to determine which bushes need to be remetalled or replaced) and continue clearing the smokebox in preparation for removal of the elements. We might even replace a few roof stay nuts if time permits.

Whilst I doubt we can compete with the Q6 on the tea drinking and cake eating front we will manage the odd cuppa and might even get a lunch break. You would also be very welcome to come and join in the fun.


Saturday 28th October 2017


After a delayed start (the co car failed but it is sorted now) we had a good day on Saturday.

The boiler has been washed out, the washout plugs cleaned, with a start made on the mud hole doors, and the arch has been removed and cleared away. Our delayed start meant a late finish (18:00 ish away from Carnforth) but we got done what we set out to do.

There will be another working party this coming Saturday - late finish very unlikely as I will not be there. There is plenty to do from removing spark arresters to cleaning fireboxes - the fun will be endless. There will even be tea and biscuits - just like at Grosmont only you will be working on a better engine


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