North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Documents dealing with COVID-19 measures.

With the lifting of the legal requirements for Covid precautions, the following changes are made to our own Covid control measures.

In line with the NYMR, at Deviation Shed, where control measures were in place they will remain, but are now recommendations rather than a requirement. Similarly for the control measures applicable to travelling in the NELPG van. Following them will be a matter for individual judgement, but please do so whenever practicable.

For Fort William and the Jacobite, with the withdrawal of the K1 from the service, the NELPG control measures are now redundant and are themselves withdrawn. For those who have agreed to help with Ian Riley's locomotives, they will have to comply with his own/WCRC control measures, bearing in mind that the controls in Scotland are different to those in England.

We currently have no locomotive at Carnforth. If that situation changes we will need to check with WCRC what changes they might have made, and reflect those accordingly.

Irrespective, as has been emphasised, the pandemic is not over, so please continue to take care and keep safe.

Resumption of working parties

Note that this document is likely to change as resumption of activity progresses and government guidelines change.

COVID-19 Risk Assesment

Control Measures - Carnforth

Control measures to be observed by volunteers at Carnforth in addition to any prescribed by WCRC.

Control Measures - Deviation Shed

Control measures to be observed by volunteers at Grosmont.

Control Measures - Hopetown

Control measures to be observed by volunteers at Hopetown.

Control Measures - Using the Company Van

COVID-19 control measures to be observed in addition to the other conditions of use of the company van.

Staying COVID-19 Secure in 2020