J72 comes to Hopetown for Retubing

Thursday, 27 December 2012 17:44 John Midcalf

After the Santa Specials, the J72 has returned to Hopetown from the Wensleydale railway for winter maintenance. The major task is removal and replacement of the boiler tubes. It is hoped to have the work completed by 18th February.

Steve Gibson watches the J72 on low loader arriving through the Head of Steam car park - John Midcalf

Crossing the field - John Midcalf

Entering the Hopetown Works site - John Midcalf

Steve Gibson and Andy Bell watch as trailer is positioned over the crossing - John Midcalf

Trailer lowered - John Midcalf

Tractor positioned for winching, Andy Bell, Reid crew Steve Gibson and Hugh Pannel look on - John Midcalf

Andy Bell looks on as Reid crew put unloading rails in place - John Midcalf

Reid crew connect up the unloading track - John Midcalf

Unloaded, shunter on its way - John Midcalf

Unloaded - John Midcalf

Rob Williamson, Fred Ramshaw, Andy Bell, Steve Gibson, Ian Pearson behind and Peter Shields wait for Malcolm Simpson to buffer up - John Midcalf

Almost there. Malcolm Simpson drives shunter, Ian Pearson, Peter Shields, Andy Bell, Fred Ramshaw and Rob Williamson watch - John Midcalf

Closer. Malcolm Simpson driving shunter, Peter Shields, Ian Pearson, Reid crew, Andy Bell, Fred Ramshaw and Rob Williamson - John Midcalf

J72 safely inside Hopetown Works - John Midcalf

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