J72 retubing makes rapid progress

Sunday, 03 February 2013 20:45 Neal Woods

As of Friday 1st February good progress has been made on the J72's winter maintenance and re-tube. Most of the mechanical work is complete. Adam Dalglesh, with help from NELPG volunteers, has installed all of the new tubes into the boiler. All the tubes at the firebox end are expanded and some of them have been beaded over. At the smoke box end some of the tubes are expanded. The re tube is expected to be complete this week.

Boilersmith Adam Dalglesh expanding tubes in the J72s firebox on 31st January - Neal Woods

Assistant Jamie securing tubes in the J72s smokebox using nails - Neal Woods

Steve Gibson working on the spark arestor - Neal Woods

Boiler full of tubes at lunchtime on 1st February - Neal Woods

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