NELPG Special General Meeting: 15 February 2013

Saturday, 16 February 2013 23:41 Chris Lawson

At the Special General Meeting held at Locomotion, Shildon, on 15 February, following its postponement from the previous month because of bad weather, the more than 70 members present approved, unanimously, the following, amended, motion:

‘The Committee seeks authority to spend up to £80,000 on firebox repairs to the Q6 only, (to cover the current work estimated at just under £50,000) and, if deemed appropriate by the Committee, additional work to give the locomotive a new 10 year boiler certificate’

This work is now under way at LNWR Crewe and is expected to be completed towards the end of May. After a short period of running in, it will return to the NYMR and be available for peak season services.