Another week at Ft William

Sunday, 21 July 2019 10:15 Stephen Hyman

Here are some photos taken during the running week commencing 30 June 2019.

On Saturday 29 June 2019 the K1 appears to be at the head of a train at Fort William depot double heading with Black 5 45407. All is not what it seems as the 45407 has a ‘Not to be Moved’ sign attached to the cab and when ready will a little later pull back the K1 so that it can be prepared for operating the morning train the next day. The Black 5 also sported at some point the headboard ‘Florence’s Flyer’ in celebration of her birthday.


At Fort William depot double heading with Black 5 45407 - Steve Hyman

The K1 @ 9pm on Saturday 29 July 2019 having been prepared for the next day’s operation with a warming fire and the batteries on charge - Steve Hyman

At the end of the first day, the K1 has been disposed of and inspected and is now moving back onto the dock for work to continue ahead of the next day’s operation - Steve Hyman

On the final day of the week’s Jacobite operations the K1 sits at Glenfinnan Station waiting to depart at 11.22 for Mallaig with the weather being OK after a fairly inclement week - Steve Hyman

A group shot as the support crew take a breather on the last day of operation – from l-r Chris Henwood, Steve Hyman, Paul Hutchinson, Angie Buxton and Alan Hardie - Steve Hyman

The K1 has run round the empty coaching stock and will set back onto the stock to switch platforms ready for the Sprinter to arrive from Fort William and the return journey at 14:10. This is also on 6 July 2019 - Steve Hyman

In a simulation of the 14:10 departure the K1 takes the empty coaching stock past the Ground Frame before setting back into the other platform (6-07-2019). - Steve Hyman

The K1 is awaiting departure from Mallaig on Saturday 6 July 2019. This was taken from on top of the Armco barrier on the road which runs alongside the station - Steve Hyman

The backdrop to the support crew fish and chip lunch stop on the final day(6/7) at Mallaig - Steve Hyman