The J27 hauls first steam service train on Wensleydale Railway

Friday, 02 August 2019 15:16 Nigel Hall

The J27 departs Bedale - Nigel Hall

An 07:00 start for driver Ian Pearson, fireman Jonathan Bradley, cleaner Andy Lowes and pilot man Tim Williamson. Nigel Hall was there with the tool kit to repair a steam leak in the injector delivery pipe joint.

The loco was pushed out of the shed. Ian oiled up whilst Jonathan got the fire going. Andy assisted by Tim and Nigel managed to loosen the delivery pipe from the injectors. Nigel made additional gaskets and Andy reassembled. We all then waited for full steam pressure in order to test the joints. At last, the moment of truth:

No leak from the LHS injector delivery pipe joint - Nigel Hall

No leak from the RHS injector delivery pipe joint - Nigel Hall

So Andy fetched the bacon butties and tea whilst Ian and Jonathan got washed and changed.

Andy Lows delivers tea whilst the loco waits for the stock to be shunted into he platform for the 11:00 departure - Nigel Hall

On arrival at Bdale the safety valve lifts - Nigel Hall

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