Blue Peter Overhaul

Monday, 05 November 2007 17:12 John Hunt


The North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group (NELPG) has been engaged in long running discussions with the Drury family and other parties with a view to seeing the A2 fully overhauled and back on the main line but, until now, not in a position to publicise developments.

At a meeting on 17th October between representatives of the NELPG, NYMR and Ben and Rupert Drury, a basic understanding was reached whereby Blue Peter is going to be overhauled and, on completion, see use on the NYMR and on the main line, the latter under the auspices of the NELPG.

This a dream scenario for the NELPG; the NELPG and the Drurys were keen to see the A2 back on the main line, where it belongs, but finding the right solution to secure the long term operational future of the engine has proved a challenging task. However, a way to achieve this has now been identified by the NYMR, working with one of its benefactors. Most crucially, this will involve a public appeal, to finance the A2’s overhaul by contractors. The success of the appeal will be critical to getting the A2 back in traffic, and to the time it takes.

This understanding therefore forms the basis for realising the long held dream of seeing Blue Peter back in steam, and to hopefully engage new enthusiasts of all ages. Furthermore it raises the enticing prospect of witnessing a now achievable line up of A1, A2, A3 and A4! With all this in mind, there is an encouraging sense of urgency by all parties to make this happen as soon as possible. Exciting times indeed, and whilst there is still more detailed work to be done before the final arrangements can be announced, as Rupert Drury put it, watch this 161 ton space!

For further information please contact John Hunt, NELPG Chairman, on 01723 850029, 07968 274895 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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