The NYMR 40th Anniversary Train

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On Wednesday 1st of May, The K1 and Lambton tank No 29 hauled the North Yorkshire Moors 40th Anniversary train.

Chris Cubit places anniversary headboard on K1, which was on the rear of the train, prior to departure of the 13:10 to Whitby - Dominic McColl

This video containing footage of K1 at Whitby and Sleights and K1 and Lambton No 29 at Beck Hole, Moorgates and Pickering was taken by Ian Hodgman.

The K1 waiting to join its train at Grosmont. Two NELPG stalwarts sitting on the running board: Terry Newman and one time NELPG chairman and CME, and NYMR driver Maurice Burns - Richard Jackson

With class 25 D7628 which was working the 13:30 Grosmont to Pickering - Dominic McColl

From further back - Dominic McColl

and closer up - Dominic McColl

Terry Newman having a last minute oil around - Dominic McColl

Both trains about to depart - Dominic McColl

Driver Terry Newman at Whitby surrounded by his admirers with the 40th anniversary cake - Nick Carter

No 29 and 62005 depart Goathland  - Dave Pearson

and head up the hill towards Fen Bog - Dave Pearson

The train arrives at Levisham - Dominic McColl

Terry Newman, Nick Carter and Richard Oxlade. All involved in the early days, Richard, with a lot of NELPG help, built the loco shed. No 29 has just come of the train at Pickering and will go down to the turntable - pp Nick Carter

No 29, turned at Pickering, heads the train past New Bridge yard with the K1 at the rear - Chris Lawson

Friday 3rd May 2013. K1 No 62005 on photo charter plus service trains including B1 61264 and K1 No 62005 double heading. B1 has been renamed and renumber to Impala No 61002. Video taken by Ian Hodgman.

The K1 arriving at Pickering on the 11am ex Whitby, double heading with B1 No 61246 running as 61002 Impala, and passing the J72 standing in Platform 2 waiting departure on the Old Gentleman's Saloon shuttle to Levisham - Chris Lawson

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