K1 Washout Week

Wednesday, 10 July 2013 00:00 John Midcalf

On Tuesday 9th July a working party travelled to Ft William to wash out the K1's boiler and to undertake a few minor repairs.

Nigel Hall and Steve Gibson cleaning the washout plugs and doors. The high pressure pump for washing out can be seen at bottom RHS. Rumors that Florence is driving a steam powered car are not true; the smoke comes from the chimney of Bert Hitchens's black 5 in the distance  - John Midcalf

Washout plugs and doors awaiting CME's inspection  - John Midcalf

Harry Sams reassembling the injector pipework - John Midcalf

Through the firehole door, Colin Bowman cleaning the grate - John Midcalf

Paul Hutchinson fitting injector pipework to the refurbished clack valve - John Midcalf

Steve Gibson prepares the inside surface of mud hole - John Midcalf

Nigel Hall washing around the foundation ring - John Midcalf

In smoke box preparing to wash along the boiler barrel - John Midcalf

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