K1 returns to Carnforth for boiler repairs

Sunday, 25 August 2013 12:03 Mr Administrator

A suspected boiler defect was discovered after the locomotive's week in service during 3rd week of August. The locomotive needed to return to Carnforth for investigation and repair.

K1 on low loader trailer about to depart Fort William - Nigel Bill

A working party prepared the loco for transport via low loader at Ft William on 23rd August; another removed the cab and rear boiler cladding sheets at Carnforth on 27th.

The cause of the failure is that some stays are suspected to be fractured on the right hand side of the fire box. The defect is being investigated and will be repaired with the intention that the K1 l returns to Ft William to complete the season.

Loading rails being removed at Ft William - Nigel Bill

The planned wash out at Fort William will now take place at Carnforth.

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