Wansbeck Railtour

Monday, 31 March 2014 15:25 Paul Hutchinson

.. or "The Fog on the Tyne"!

The tour went pretty much to plan on the day, though the weather left a lot to be desired.

The only delay was a 45 minute wait for a freight train to clear so we could get to N. Blyth but we made 25 of those back up. We missed the Newcastle stop on the way south but we then made an unscheduled stop at Durham.

Both engines performed really well with some brisk running on the ECML between Tyne Yard and Durham and excellent climbs over Huntcliffe and Grinkle.

The K1 brings the empty coaching stock from Heaton into Newcastle Central station passing the Castle Keep. In the background is the Tyne Bridge and significantly the Bridge Hotel where the owners of 62005 had there very first meeting in October 1966 - Maurice Burns

The Wansbeck Railtour heads out of Newcastle hauled by B1 61264 to Morpeth  passing the Castle Keep and the road to Robert Stephenson’s High Level bridge -  Maurice Burns

The B1 pauses at Bedlington North, alongside the site of the old station whilst the K1 at the rear takes on water -  Maurice Burns

Waiting for the road at Bedlington South -  Maurice Burns

The B1 departs Bedlington and heads south for Newsham -  Maurice Burns

The K1 heading north passing the signals of Bedlington North box heads for the coast of North Blyth The chairman can be seen photographing his predecessor from the fireman's window -  Maurice Burns

The B1 passes Marcheys House signal box on its journey to North Blyth -  Maurice Burns

The B1 heading to the remote area of North Blyth passes Cambois parish church war memorial -  Maurice Burns

The B1 skirts the North sea at North Blyth. This is only the second steam train on this route since 1966 -  Maurice Burns

The K1 accelerates away from the industrial landscape of North Blyth bound for Newcastle and the south -  Maurice Burns

The K1 make a great exhaust as it accelerates away from Freeman’s Crossing bound for Newcastle -  Maurice Burns

The K1 speeds across the River Wear at Croxdale bound for Middlesbrough and the North Yorkshire Coast -  Maurice Burns

The K1 takes water at Ferryhill - Steve Hyman

The K1 approaching the site of Redmarshall Station on the Ferryhill Branch -  Terry Newman

The K1 passing Cannon Park/Metz Bridge in Middlesbrough -  Terry Newman

The K1 passing Redcar central -  Dave Pearson

The B1 leaving Redcar Central - Dave Pearson

The K1 climbs through the site of Brotton Station en route to Skinningrove and Boulby Potash mine -  Maurice Burns

3503	The K1 arrives back at Skinningrove from Boulby Potash mine and feels quite at home being watched by Highland cattle – not in Scotland but at Carlin How! -  Maurice Burns

3516	The B1 departs from the water stop at Crag Hall and heads back to Middlesbrough -  Maurice Burns

The B1 departs from Middlesbrough for Tees Yard where the steam section terminated, the B1 and K1 going to the NYMR whilst the train was diesel hauled back to Newcastle. -  Maurice Burns

The B1 passing Cannon Park/Metz Bridge -  Terry Newman

Change of traction in the gloom of Tees Yard -  Terry Newman

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