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Friday, 15 January 2010 11:13

THE BLYTH SPIRIT – Saturday May 8th 2010

NELPG Ltd is promoting the above titled railtour on Saturday 8th May which will see its K1 class 2-6-0 62005 revisiting some of its old BR haunts by traversing a number of freight lines in south east Northumberland, including a visit to Blyth where the locomotive was shedded in 1966.



K1 62005 hauling the 2008 NELPG railtour at Huntcliff

The train, diesel hauled, will pick up (and set down) passengers at Carnforth (pu 05:30 & sd 21:40*), Skipton (06:30 & 20:10), Leeds (07:15 & 19:25), York (07:45 & 18:55), Eaglescliffe (08:45 & 17:27) and Middlesbrough (09:25 & 17:10). Here the K1 will be attached for the steam section of over 140 miles, with the onward run via Stockton, Stillington and Ferryhill, before a quick dash up the East Coast Main Line to Tyne Yard, where the locomotive will take water. The route will then take the train through Newcastle and up the ECML to Benton Junction where it will branch off onto the Blyth and Tyne line to Newsham, Bedlington, and North Blyth. Here the train will reverse, the diesel hauling the train to Ashington via Freemans, Winning, and Marcheys House Junctions. Subject to confirmation it may be possible to continue as far as Lynemouth.

The train will then reverse again, the K1 now leading back to Bedlington, where another reversal will take the train to Morpeth. Here passengers can alight as there will be a break of around 50 minutes while the train turns and the K1 takes water. From Morpeth the K1 heads down the ECML to Newcastle and Darlington before turning left to Eaglescliffe and back to Stockton (where it will reverse for the final time) and onto Middlesbrough. The K1 will then work the train back to York by itself, after taking water at Thornaby. From York the diesel will pilot the train back to Leeds, Skipton and Carnforth.

The train will comprise standard class open coaches, with a buffet car selling light refreshments. There will also be an on-board raffle in aid of the NELPG’s J27 restoration appeal.

Tickets cost £60.

For a booking form or poster, follow the links below:

Telephone enquiries can be made on 0191 257 0980 Monday to Friday and between the hours of 09.30 and 20.30 ONLY.
* These are the requested times; final times & the route are subject to confirmation

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