Q6 maintenance continues

Saturday, 10 January 2015 00:00 Darrin Crone

Today's working party at Grosmont had a lot of happy faces, it might have something to do with the more frequent tea break regime instituted today due to protests by the amalgamated union of voluntary Q6 technicians. Well actually Mrs Andy Lowes at last nights Friday night show who said he was parched when he got home after last weeks working party due to lack of tea. A situation now satisfactorily addressed without reference to arbitration.

Neal Woods cleaning and re-assembling piston valves. Very happy in his work. I think I'll start charging admission - Darrin Crone

Les Harper expertly dressing the LH piston rod - Darrin Crone

Alan Hardie on his first NELPG working party cleaning round the reverser- Darrin Crone

Ian Pearson drilling out a broken cylinder cladding screw - Darrin Crone

James Pearcy and Alan Hardie repacking glands on the steam reverser - Darrin Crone

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